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Winter Safety Gear Review: Blaklader 1633 Hi-Vis Work Pants

HiVis-Supply-blaklader-1633-class-e-work-pantsBlaklader is known for designing serious work wear, specifically, work wear that's made to do its job and nothing more. Every cut, pocket, and stitch has its purpose for making an efficient, long-lasting and functional garment. With a lifetime warranty on their stitching (something that most manufacturers would never even attempt to offer), Blaklader Workwear is a worthwhile investment in safety and comfort. We wanted to take a look at the Blaklader 1633 Work Pants to go over the details, quality and general overall value offered by the Sweedish company and their 55+ years of industry experience.

The 1633 Work Pants are ANSI Class E compliant and made from an rugged and durable fabric blend of 85% polyester and 15% bomull satin. The pants are CORDURA reinforced in critical areas and specific high-wear points such as the knee, lower thigh, rear pockets, utility pockets, waist, and feet. This delivers exceptional strength and resistance against tears, punctures and abrasion, which provides a long lifespan and prevents minor injuries that could occur from heavy materials whenever fabric might become compromised. While they aren't bulletproof, the CORDURA reinforcements really increase the durability and rigidity of these pants. Not only are they excellent in cold and wet weather, but in any environment where durability is important, from roadwork to home construction.

For storage, these pants come equipped with multiple cargo pockets on the legs and dual bellowed utility pockets near the waist. These are ideal for tools and personal items. For jobs where you'll be working on the ground or on your knees such as concrete finishing or mechanical work, the 1633 work pants have built-in kneepad pockets. The kneepad pockets are also CORDURA reinforced to prevent wear in an area that faces high contact. All other high contact areas utilize darker, black fabric which helps to hide the appearance of dirt, grease and grime while aiding to make wear less visible. This gives a cleaner overall look in areas that would typically turn black after just a short time from soiling, which is a great added benefit.

One of the most important things about Blaklader Workwear is their commitment to quality apparel. They clearly stand behind the design and construction of all their garments by offering a lifetime warranty on stitching. Should one of the seams fail or if the pants are no longer usable due to a seam coming apart, Blaklader will either fix or replace the pants at no charge. While it may not sam like a huge deal, it says a lot about the confidence they have in their craftsmanship, something that can really be appreciated nowadays.

At under $90 a pair, you really can't go wrong with these pants. They are ANSI Class E compliant and feature vibrant reflective striping on the lower leg to enhance your visibility on the job, even in the lowest light conditions. These pants are some of the most well-made that we've seen, giving practical functionality for an ever-changing workplace. The Blaklader 1633 Work Pants are available in varying waist sizes from 30" to 40" and come in hi-viz yellow only. For more information or to order your own pair, visit the product page on our website today.

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