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The Importance of High Visibility Workwear

4-Season Ultra-Cool Adjustable Mesh Vests
Wearing safety vests is one of the best ways to make sure that you won't be injured on the job, in the parking lot, on the highway - even on a bike or motorcycle. You can protect yourself from injury or even death simply by donning a very lightweight, safety orange or lime vest with reflective striping based on the area you're working in and the speeds of the vehicles and machinery around you.
Manufacturers make it from brightly colored retro-reflective material, and since the visibility of any driver is impaired at night, drivers may might not see people on the road while looking generally for other obstacles and being blinded by oncoming traffic.

Reckless drivers can also easily hit a pedestrian even when they are on the pedestrian walk, so to avoid such accidents from happening, even pedestrians are encouraged to wear reflective clothing to make them more visible. As long as a person is wearing the clothing every driver that passes them will notice their presence. It is really hard for the item to blend into any surrounding so it will adequately serve its purpose.

But accidents are not restricted to the highway - employees also get injured at work, with the end result typically due to failure to adequately protect themselves. During construction, every person who is on site has to wear the reflective clothing. The piece of clothing is a major part of their equipment so it should never be ignored. Construction workers run the risk of being hit by drivers or being wounded at their place of work. This means that their employers need to make it their prime concern to keep them safe.

Protective gear comes in many colors such as neon, yellow, orange and green, and many combinations of striping especially for particular professions such as highway workers, crossing guards and surveyors. A person can choose whichever size or shape they find appealing. It is very hard for a person to get injured when they have the clothing on.

At HiVis Supply, you can choose from hundreds of safety vests - Class 1, 2 and 3, flame-resistant, mesh, sleeves and no sleeves - the choice is yours. Or choose a hi visibility hat or t-shirt depending on the climate and situation you find yourself in. Many employers will have you overprotected just in case, and some employers leave it up to their workers to decide which vest to choose. we just want you to make the right choice, and keep yourself safe while working hard out there.

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