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The Brilliant Series from ML Kishigo

The Brilliant Series line of high-viz workwear is the premium line for ML Kishigo, and the safety enhancements they provide far outweigh the premium you’ll pay over standard hi-viz. For example, the Brilliant Series Economy Vest is up to 60% brighter than its standard counterpart when viewed at a distance. When comparing their suggested retail prices, that equates to only 3 pennies for every percent of increased visibility. They calculated the remarkable affect by analyzing a 1080i HD video frame at the distance of approximately 30 to 60 feet. By zooming in and mapping out the identical area/proportions for both vests (Brilliant Class 2 vs Standard) they measured the individual visual footprint of each. This is based exclusively upon luminosity of the cars headlights hitting the reflective material.

Luminosity Comparison, Brilliant Series vs StandardThoroughly measuring the gray levels pixel by pixel, then taking the average across the entire area of each image, you can see that the Brilliant series has up to 60% more of a visible footprint at night.

When comparing the histogram graphs (left side shows level of black, right shows level of white, with every level of gray in between), across the charts there are much higher numbers of pixels for each level of gray all the way up to white, and a significantly lower levels of black pixels with the Brilliant Series than with the standard.

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