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Ripstop Fabrics for Safety Apparel

ripstop safety gearIn the world of high visibility, there's nothing better than well made, durable apparel that can stand up to the plentiful and frequent abuses of the workplace. From rough corners and sharp edges to abrasive materials and gritty finishes, there seems to be a never-ending supply of brutal wear and tear being delivered directly to your work gear. With high visibility gear this can be especially bothersome because many garments are made of lightweight materials for added comfort and breathability. Luckily, there's some good news and it's called ripstop fabric.
Ripstop fabric is woven from nylon and is manufactured using a specialty weave pattern technique. During the process, thicker reinforcement threads are woven into the fabric in a crosshatch formation. These added threads act similar to a frame or fencepost (if you will), providing additional tensile strength to the otherwise regular material. The result is a fabric that's highly resistant to rips, tears, scrapes, cuts and and abrasions.
Ripstop material is used in the manufacture of products that require lightweight yet heavy duty durability such as parachutes, tents, hot air balloons, flags, yacht sails and more. The fabric is available for other uses aside from lightweight fabrics and can be made with different strengths, thicknesses and colors. It can also be treated and has often been made resistant to water or fire as well as completely water or fire proof.
Due to the additional time required to manufacture ripstop fabrics, the garments that are made from them are generally more expensive than typical garments. However, when it comes to hi vis gear, the additional cost is well worth it in most people's opinion because the extreme durability is more beneficial than purchasing a cheaper garment that needs to be replaced at regular intervals.
High visibility work gear made with ripstop materials are ideal for the workplaces where hi vis apparel is used or required such as warehouses, construction sites, and general labor. When working in these environments, the exposure to dangerous an damaging materials is increases and so ripstop materials can be a huge benefit; not to mention the fact that the added resistance to punctures, tears and cuts can help protect your skin and prevent injury in many situations.

If you're looking for durability, increased personal protection and a great overall value from your high visibility work apparel, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing products made from ripstop materials. You won't be disappointed.
At HiVis Supply, we offer several products that are made from ripstop materials. These include safety vests, work pants/bibs, jackets, windbreakers and even a hi vis ripstop bomber jacket. To browse all of our High Vis gear made from ripstop materials, click here.

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