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Rain Gear for All Seasons and Occupations

ripstop safety gearWet weather occurs all year round, in all climates, from the rainy spring and summer seasons throughout fall and into the winter. Regardless of your geographical location, precipitation is something that just can't be avoided.
For those of us who work outdoors the rain can become a major nuisance, delaying and often preventing work altogether until the weather dries up. In some occupations, however, work goes on through the rain, sleet or snow. This is especially common with certain types of construction and utility work, not to mention in emergency situations. From flooding and broken water mains to downed electrical lines and roadwork, there is often no choice but to deal with the weather and keep on working.
Thankfully we have products and practices that make working in wet weather just a bit more bearable - and one thing that's a must have on that list for enduring the elements is rain gear. More specifically, high visibility rain gear. Many of the occupations that require the work to continue during the rain are the same occupations that require high visibility safety gear to be worn. Is it just a coincidence? No.
Jobs that require workers to perform regardless of the weather are usually the type of occupations that are already dangerous and/or critical to infrastructure. These include electrical line workers, road construction, emergency response, police officers, truck driving and much, much more. Due to the dangerous or risky nature of these jobs hi vis safety clothing is required as a precaution, and due to the high importance of these jobs and the public reliance on them, they are forced to work outdoors regardless of what mother nature does. High Visibility rain gear meets two needs for individuals who work in these fields. First, it protects them from that elements and provides dryness and comfort. Second, it provides increased visibility that meets or exceeds the ANSI standards that have been set forth for their occupational duties.
High Visibility Rain Gear is available in nearly every ANSI class, including FR rated clothing. From bibs and jackets to hats, suits and boots, there is always a comfortable and effective solution available. Made from waterproof materials, rain gear is reinforced internally at the seams with tapes and/or sealants to provide a 100% waterproof barrier from rain, melting snow, standing water and the like.
There are many styles and variations of high visibility rain gear available - it isn't limited to just the old vinyl jacket and pants that come to mind when you imagine a rain suit. Manufacturers have adopted ideas that improve comfort, functionality, accessibility and storage in these garments to appeal to the customer, sonic they'll be the one spending the work day wearing it. Options such as waterproof cell phone pockets, adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs, waterproof zippers and more have emerged since the days of galoshes and rain ponchos. These innovations are what make it possible for workers to dig, climb and use machinery just as effectively as if they were wearing their normal work gear. The same hi vis reflective striping and materials are also employed, and sometimes with added reflectivity because of the extra decrease in visibility during rainy weather.
If you work outdoors in wet weather, you owe it to yourself to look into purchasing some quality rain wear. Even if it's only used for a week out of the year, it's a worthwhile investment. Being safe at work is important, and so is comfort. Stay visible, dry and confident with apparel that's made to stand up to the harshest weather you can imagine. Check out our complete inventory of high visibility rain gear today.

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