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Professional Surveyor's Vests

The American Surveyor is a website for surveyors by surveyors. It contains news, newsletters, a directory, store and tons of other information. You can subscribe to their magazine, learn about new products and more. The blog is written for land surveyors by land surveyors. Topics include surveying, mapping, cartography, GPS, GNSS and other geospatial technology hot topics. There is even a videos tab. Here is a video using LIDAR (light detection and ranging). The technique uses laser pulses to construct super-precise 3-D images. It’s similar to radar, constantly sending out and receiving signals, but LIDAR can map nearly anything. It’s increasing the accuracy of aerial maps tremendously; indeed, the U.S. Geological Survey is currently working to remap every state with LIDAR. It’s even been used to make music videos—watch Radiohead’s “House of Cards."
HiVis Supply carries class 2 and class 3 surveyor's vests by ML Kishigo, Vinatronics and 3A Safety. ML Kishigo has a full line of professional surveyors vests designed to accommodate surveyors in any environment. Equally durable and functional, their "tougher-than-tough" Surveyors Vests are packed with high-performance features including reinforced pockets and webbing, storage pouches, heavy-duty openings and nylon trim, reinforced webbing, and Ultra Cool™ mesh panel. All mostly made in the U.S. 
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