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Prepare to Beat the Heat with High Visibility Cooling Products!

hivis cooling productsAlthough the extreme heat of summer is still a couple months away, those scorching temperatures will be here before we know it. A day of hard work in an outdoor environment during the summer can be physically taxing, and in many cases quite dangerous. To make things easier while achieving a consistent level of comfort and safety, consider investing in the proper gear for the job this year.
Just as high visibility gear ensures you can be seen, 'cooling gear' is another important element of staying safe on the job. When the temperatures rise, manual labor an physical exertion can quickly catch up to you causing dehydration, heat stress and even heat stroke. Cooling gear aids in keeping your temperature at a stable level, preventing heat stress and ensuring you're as comfortable as possible when the temperatures reach extremes.
At HiVis Supply, we carry a complete inventory of high visibility cooling products which vary widely in use and serve a broad range of cooling needs for specific applications. We stock an assortment of head & neck gear, safety vests, shirts, hats and sun shades, heat stress/stroke rehabilitation products and even electrolyte drinks.
All of our heat stress and cooling products have been specifically designed with the worker in mind. Many of these products offer cutting-edge technology and materials to absorb moisture, enhance breathability and provide safe and effective alternatives to ordinary hi vis safety wear. Technology has come a long way in recent years and manufacturers are doing their best to develop functional, practical products to help deal with the blazing summer heat so you can focus your energy on your job.
Check out our High Visibility Cooling Gear today and discover the unique cooling products that will help make your summer work day a breeze. Our everyday low prices and free shipping on all orders over $150 are sure to keep you feeling cool in any situation!

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