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Natural Colors of Autumn Can Reduce Worker Visibility and Safety

fall hi vis safetyAs the days get cooler and the leaves begin to change to their beautiful fall colors, the enhanced visibility offered by your safety vest can be reduced significantly.
The bright orange, lime and yellow hues that stuck out like a sore thumb during the winter, sumer and spring can blend right in with the vibrant colors of fall, practically acting as a camouflage instead of the extra protection they're designed for.
While it may not apply to people in certain professions or those residing and working in southern states, it's definitely a legitimate concern that most workers and employers are going to overlook.
The changing colors of the fall season is an issue that might not affect offshore workers, factory workers or emergency personnel, but it's definitely going to lower the visibility of people like park officials, loggers, surveyors, tree climbers and those in similar positions who will be exposed to the type of environment where their high visibility gear suddenly turns into a low visibility danger.
I'm guessing that many of you, even those of you who fall into the 'at risk category' have never considered the factor of bright fall leaves as a safety hazard. Although the hazard is only temporary, it's definitely something you'll want to share with your employer and/or coworkers. If you're an employer, you should consider addressing the issue to ensure the utmost safety of your employees.
Fortunately, there are many manufacturers who have created high visibility safety gear for this reason and similar issues. For example, the ML Kishigo Black Series offers ANSI Class protection that will offer a huge increase of visibility over the traditional lime, orange or yellow colors that we've all came to trust.
Another option for those unable to find a vest that offers adequate contrast to the changing colors of fall leaves is to upgrade to a higher class of ANSI compliance such as ANSI Class 3 safety vests. The Class 3 products are going to offer the highest level of visibility which partially makes up for the visibility that's lost with the reduction in contrast.
The Viking 300d Safety Jacket and vest are other great examples, which are all black and still offer both ANSI and FR protection. Garments like these are going to offer the maximum visibility in a natural fall environment.
Be safe out there this season! Never neglect your personal safety or the safety of your co-workers or employees in the workplace, it's just not worth it. Staying visible allows you to focus on your job without the added worries of whether or not you can be seen by motorists, co-workers and equipment operators.

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