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ML Kishigo: The Brilliant Series Advantage

ML Kishigo has been a trusted brand and an industry leading manufacturer of high visibility safety gear and apparel for over 40 years. Continued innovation and increased functionality are two critical factors that have allowed ML Kishigo to remain on the leading edge of workplace safety.
Now, ML Kishigo has brought us the Brilliant Series. This line of safety gear reaches above and beyond the typical high visibility safety gear to deliver an unprecedented level of safety. Increased low-light and night time visibility coupled with improved features for added convenience and functionality make the Brilliant Series one of the most effective lines of safety gear available today. Take a look at the video below to see just how effective the Brilliant Series is at keeping you safe in the workplace.

To view the complete line of Brilliant Series safety gear and shop ML Kishigo products at some of the lowest prices available, visit our website today. You can never be too safe, and the Brilliant Series lineup is a step in the right direction.

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