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ML Kishigo Keeps It Cool with the 9120 High Visibility T-Shirt

ml kishigo 9120 hi vis t-shirtSummer is here and the temps are heating up, but are you keeping as cool as possible at work? Proper clothing is critical and so is your safety - thankfully the ML Kishigo 9120 High Visibility T-shirt has you covered in both areas. These shirts are designed for optimal comfort and performance, even in the hottest weather - and they don't sacrifice your visibility to do so.
Manufactured from a lightweight and highly breathable microfiber polyester fabric, these high visibility t-shirts help reduce body heat by promoting the quick evaporation of moisture and allowing for maximum airflow. You stay cooler for a longer period of time, making it easier to concentrate on your job and keep your body temperature at a reasonable level when compared to hi-vis shirts made from other fabrics.
The high-contrast design of these shirts gives more visibility than normal ANSI Class 2 shirts by featuring 2-inch silver reflective striping laid over a wider hi-vis stripe that contrasts the color of the shirt itself. This creates a more vibrant garment that helps motorists, co-workers and others see you - reducing the chances of an accident or injury on the job. The fabric is also flat-stitched instead of layered, giving you the same level of thickness in the contrasting areas as the rest of the shirt for lightweight comfort.
If you're looking for a t-shirt that offers as much visibility as possible, the 9120 series by ML Kishigo is an excellent choice. It also features a front chest pocket for simple storage and is available in high visibility lime or yellow. These shirts are ANSI 107 Class 2 compliant and available in a variety of sizes.
ML Kishigo makes quality high visibility garments and these shirts are no exception. Make your life easier without having to worry about what to wear at work! Stay cool and safe this summer by picking up a few for yourself - at just $20.95 each, you really can't go wrong.

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