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ML Kishigo Emergency Response and Incident Command Vests

Versatile High-Visibility Safety

ml kishigo incident command vestsThe incident command safety vest is the perfect solution for safety and visibility. It's effective, inexpensive and offers a very versatile range of uses. Generally, these vests are designed for emergency response situations, yet their functionality reaches far beyond that.
The ML Kishigo 3700 Series Incident Command Safety Vest contains ID insert areas on front and rear, and is also available in 12 colors. These two qualities alone make it very easy to recognize who is who, not only for individual purposes, but more so for group purposes.
For example, a specific colored vest could be used on a job site to identify all workers from a certain company, or to identify all electricians, all inspectors, all trainees, etc.. The clear plastic insert areas make it easy to insert a company/organization logo for further identification, or in instances were all companies or organizations have the same color vests.
As you can begin to imagine, the versatility of these vests is very useful in certain situations, such as:

  • • Large, expansive job sites
  • • Extremely busy job sites
  • • Emergency situations
  • • Emergency response drills
  • • Job sites where many different companies are working closely or in unison with one another
  • • Larger Job sites with sensitive areas or equipment
  • • Widespread emergency response situations
  • • Foreign aid missions
  • • During a disease epidemic
  • • Natural disaster response
  • • Large public events
  • • Large private events
  • • Security applications
  • • .. and more

The incident response vest has practically unlimited uses. While they work great as a general all-around high visibility safety vest, they are extremely convenient for the situations mentioned above. These vests are also very effective for emergency situations where a very large number of vests needs to be handed out in a short period of time, or when certain individuals need to immediately be identified as responders.
These vests feature the following:

  • • 12 different color options
  • • One size fits all
  • • Dual 1-inch 'Reflexite' Reflective Striping
  • • Identification insert areas on front and rear
  • • Lightweight
  • • Inexpensive
  • • 100% Polyester
  • • Upper right Chest/Pencil pocket
  • • Inside, lower-right pocket

The low cost, flexibility of use is what makes our ML Kishigo incident command vests so unique. For more information on this or our other emergency response vests, visit our Safety Vests Page to view the complete inventory.

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