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ML Kishigo Black Series ANSI Class 3 Windbreaker

ml kishigo black series windbreakerWorking outdoors has both its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most critical aspects of an outdoor workplace is obviously the weather, yet too often it seems that we're either braving the extreme cold of winter or trying to find a place to cool ourselves from the scorching summer sun. Ideally, we'd prefer the weather to be somewhere in the middle - not too hot, not too cold. Usually it's only during the spring and fall that we get to enjoy the luxury of ideal working conditions. But what type of high visibility gear can be worn during these mediocre temperatures? When it's a bit too warm for a bulky for a sweatshirt or jacket and still too cool for a t-shirt, what's the answer to safety and comfort? A windbreaker; and ML Kishigo has just the product.
The Black Series Windbreaker is the perfect answer to the rather mild and unpredictable months of spring and fall. Manufactured from 100% lightweight polyester it offers enough protection to dampen the wind yet provide breathable and flexible high visibility safety when you need it the most. It also functions perfectly as a space saving backup that can be kept in a car or locker and used on an as-needed basis. Better yet, it's ANSI Class 3 compliant so it's suitable for practically any job site.
As are all ML Kishigo's products, the Black Series Windbreaker is designed for a tough job. Comfort, safety and functionality has always been trademarks of the brand and they've surely been incorporated in the design of this windbreaker.
Being ANSI Class 3 compliant, it features plenty of reflective striping for poorly lit environments and decreased visibility. Strategic placement of these materials on the garment provide you with the best overall reflectivity to ensure that you're seen by drivers, equipment operators and co-workers. After all there's no such thing as being too safe, right?
Adjustable wrist cuffs allow for a secure yet comfortable fit while adjustable waist cinches are located on the interior of the zippered front pockets to prevent from being snagged on equipment or materials. We think that's quite clever from a safety point of view - not to mention it provides a cleaner look.
There's also a vertical pocket on the left chest with a waterproof zipper for anything that needs to remain dry during wet conditions. Unique shoulder shoulder vents have been integrated as well to allow heat to escape during rigorous activity, keeping you cool enough to prevent sweating and discomfort. The black fabric areas of the underarm are made from a more durable ripstop material to help prevent wear while providing a clean appearance in areas that might normally appear soiled from frequent contact with materials or equipment. Not too bad for a windbreaker!
The ML Kishigo Black Series ANSI Class 3 Windbreaker is available in HiVis Lime or Orange (WB100 or WB101) in sizes Medium through 5XL and is priced just under $50 at right now. It's a solid investment in long lasting comfort and safety, two things you definitely don't want to spend the work day without. If you're interested at taking a shot to win one for free, be sure to enter our April HiVis Giveaway on our Facebook page for your chance.

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