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JSP Evolution Deluxe 6161 Full Brim Hard Hat

jsp evolution deluxe 6161 hard hatThe Evolution Deluxe 6161 is the newest model from the JSP lineup. As the name implies, this full-brim hard hat is a result of the continued evolution of hard hat design. Intended to deliver improved comfort & security, it also features advancements to make it more effective and convenient to use.
The 6161 hard hat is made from an extremely durable and resilient high-density polyurethane which provides a high level of safety while maintaining a minimum weight. The design of the shell itself is strategically shaped to not only help reduce the effects of impact, but to work in unison with the 6-point suspension system to deflect the velocity of impacts away from the skull. The suspension system itself consists of webbed straps, clips and a high density polyurethane main strap which features 3D height adjustment that is controlled by a simple and convenient wheel-ratchet.
The full-brim shell design isn't necessarily new, but it works to effectively protect the face and neck from sun, raise, dirt, dust, and falling debris. The brim also helps to prevent glare, lessening the effects of mid-day sun on your eyes which can be especially convenient in situations where sunglasses aren't ideal for a specific working condition. The front of the brim features small textured areas that offer enhanced grip, making for simple adjustments or removal even in rainy conditions or when wearing gloves.
Some of the unique features of this evolution deluxe hard hat that make it so functional are the optional vents and the chameleon sweatband. The vented hat utilizes a unique venting pattern at the top of the hat to provide constant airflow and reduce heat build-up - something that's ideal for working indoors or during the summer months and makes for optimal comfort on the job. The absorbent Chamlon sweatband is soft yet durable and features an egyptian cotton core wrapped in a pours polyurethane coating. The materials of the sweatband are ph neutral and have been dermatologically tested for long-term use, so there's no worry about it causing irritation.
The JSP Evolution Deluxe 6161 is designed for premium safety and maximum comfort, but let's not forget about style - something that may not be as important, but is equally appreciated. The 6161 full-brim hard hat is available in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, green, blue, lime and classic white. While it could be thought of as purely a matter of choice, the selection of colors also the possibility of color-coding a large job site where foremen, managers, laborers or equipment operators can be easily identified by the color of their hats. Similarly, for extremely large industrial sites, it might help to identify welders, electricians, pipe-fitters, and so on.
If you're ready for a new hard hat or want to upgrade to the finest and most comfortable protection available, take a look at the 6161 Evolution Deluxe by JSP and order yours today. We're confident you'll be glad with your decision.

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