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Increase Safety at Work with High Visibility Gloves

hi vis work glovesMany people whose occupations require high visibility safety gear tend to work in a rather tough environment. From roadwork and construction to concrete and utility work, you're out in the elements all day and usually handling heavy materials. You already have a hard hat, work boots, a safety vest and other necessities, but what about gloves?
At HiVis supply, we haven't forgotten about the often overlooked yet continuously overworked and highly important - hands. Whether you're trying to prevent blisters from shoveling, burns from hot asphalt, cuts and scrapes from repeatedly handling rough materials or just looking for extra gripping capability for wet conditions, we have the perfect products to keep your hands protected and dry.
Our inventory of work gloves includes an assortment of gloves for different applications. We carry general purpose leather-palmed work gloves, mechanics gloves, miner's gloves, impact reducing gloves, heavy equipment driving gloves, thermal waterproof gloves and more.
Aside from providing protection for your hands, work gloves offer increased gripping strength. This is particularly important when working with wet, greasy or heavy items. Gloves also decrease the chance of lost grip from sweaty hands. Since safety is a top priority, the extra gripping strength helps to prevent accidents that can occur from a myriad of situations in the workplace. For example, accidental loss of grip when operating equipment, holding heavy items or using power tools could cause serious injury to yourself, your co-workers or those working around you.
Some of our more specialized gloves such as miners or mechanics gloves provide additional reinforcement for the knuckles and top of the hands. These innovations not only help to prevent cuts and scrapes but also to reduce impact and aid in the prevention of puncture wounds or broken bones. Often, a broken or badly lacerated finger or hand would mean you're unable to work for an extended period, which could result in lost wages and unnecessary medical costs.
Due to the risks associated with your job and since your fingers and hands are highly vulnerable, your best bet is to stay protected. Check out our complete line of high visibility work gloves today, and have a safer day tomorrow.

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