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How To Select A High Visibility Vest

Searching for the appropriate safety vest is not always as simple as selecting the first option you come across or choosing the cheapest vest available. There is certain criteria to be considered which will determine whether the vest you select will provide the level of functionality, comfort and compliance you need to ensure safety on the job site:

  • Review ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 standard and relevant state/local regulations.
  • Conduct a survey of worksite low visibility hazards to determine the appropriate class of garments; remember to consider traffic speed, weather conditions, worker proximity to traffic, task loads and the traffic control plan.
  • Select a design and/or style of garment that meet your needs. Final garment selection should take into consideration functionality, comfort and durability.
  • Review your design choice with a visibility demonstration.
  • Document the selection based on specific performance criteria; and require use of certified components only to maintain compliance.
  • When the safety apparel is issued to your workers, provide them with training that explains the purpose and use of their new high-visibility garments.

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