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HiVis Supply Gets A New Look And Feel, Meet HiVis Hank


HiVis Supply, a Summit Safety, LLC. Company, established in 2007, is the leading online retailer of high visibility safety gear and apparel. We have just started to rebrand our company and are excited to share this moment with our customers, followers, partners and especially our employees. We want to take this exciting time to let everyone know we stand by the core principles of making the workplace a safe (and visible) environment. Additionally, have decided to add a little spin to the logo adding Bigfoot to the mix, except this version of BigFoot is HiVis Supply’s new brand advocate, icon and mascot named HiVis Hank! Bigfoot’s ironic reputation for being an elusive but noticeable character was the perfect symbol to represent our company and we like to think of HiVis Hank as our pal. Our company slogan, “Prepare To Be Seen,” is representative of our new look, new feel and new adventure that begins on Monday, August 28, 2017 (our new logo release date). We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this exciting time.


As BigFoot, HiVis Hank has an elusive behavior and extreme camouflaging abilities. However, his selection of high visibility apparel helps him Prepare To Be Seen and Stay Safe to avoid unfortunate accidents when he chooses to step out in the lime light. We’re proud to say he’s chosen HiVis Supply for all his HiVis needs and we’re officially bringing him on board as our brand ambassador!

HiVis Hank learned the importance of ANSI 107 standards by monitoring workers from a distance. By partnering up with HiVis Supply, he’s able to gain more insight into the safety industry and lead by example. In some cases, even educate audiences online via the team at HiVis Supply.

HiVis Supply is extremely excited to have HiVis Hank join our team. Together, we will help educate the American workforce on how to stay safe and be seen on the job.

No longer will you have to search the deepest, darkest corners of the remote forest. You can spot HiVis Hank on, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@hivissupply). Join the conversation online using #hivishank, #preparetobeseen and #hivislife.

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