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Hi-vis Gear for Pedestrians and Bikers

When it comes to hi visibility apparel, like high vis safety vests, beanies and high-vis jackets, other countries such as Australia, and especially The United Kingdom, are far more concerned with pedestrians staying safe than we are here in the United States. Fact of the matter is, they simply take to the streets on foot and bike more than we do. They have a culture that takes to walking and other modes of transportation, like bicycling, far more easier than we do. Which leads to the question: Do they simply lead more healthier lifestyes than Americans, or is it that gas prices have ben so high there for so long, or is it that their infrastructure is more designed to accomodate walkers and bikers with hi-vis vests and clothing?

Check out this article recently published in The Independent on the 10 Best High-Vis Gear for the U.K.

Pedestrians and bicyclists should consider the ML Kishigo P Series Mesh Vest. It's affordable and lightweight. This economy mesh vest features 3" Velcro front closure, comfortable cotton trim, and 3/4" elastic side closures for a universal one size fits most. Available with or without reflective tape.

Be seen to be safe is more than just a clever tagline - it is a proven fact. There are many work zone and roadside distractions which can draw a driver’s attention away from your presence. High visibility safety vests improve your ability to bee seen by bringing you back into the driver’s focus. Browse ANSI compliant vests suitable for use in daytime and low light conditions. Find a vest that is right for you - ANSI Class 2, ANSI Class 3, Public Safety, Flame Resistant, non-ANSI, Surveyors, and Incident Command. Choose Hi-Vis Supply for your hi-visibility vests and all of your hivis needs.

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