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Hi-Vis for Gulf Oil Spill Response

Use of hi-visibility clothing has been readily evident with gulf oil spill workers and clean-up crew in response to the BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster back in April. Since then, environmental clean-up, contaminated water and Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana shoreline workers have been tasked to alleviate all signs of the oil spill from contaminated beaches and coastal waterways, and posting beach closure signs, oil spill clean-up signs, no water contact signs and oil spill response signs.

Hi-visibility gear allows workers to be seen even in low-light conditions as crews work in the early morning hours and well into the night often in very bright and dangerous conditions. The use of hi-reflectivity gear also denotes workers from civilians and allows managers to keep tabs on their employees.

HiVisSupply salutes these men and women who are working diligently around the clock to help wildlife survive this catastrophe and ease the burden on our precious coastal ecosystems. There is no way to determine at this time how long the BP oil spill will contaminate our environment, close our beaches and shut down water operations, or to what degree the 2010 oil spill will affect our lives in the years to come. Only time will tell, and we’re here to help.

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