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Hi-Vis Flex Grip Work Gloves w/Touchscreen Friendly Fingertips

hi-vis flex grip work gloves with touchscreen friendly fingertipsIf you're ready for the next generation in high visibility work gloves, you don't have to wait any longer - they're already here. The new High Visibility Flex Grip Work Gloves by Custom Leather Craft incorporate cutting edge technology to not only protect your hands - but to keep you as comfortable as possible while doing so.
These brightly colored work gloves are manufactured from a spandex-based material that offers excellent flexibility without sacrificing strength. This is an important feature, as flexibility and air flow are key to consistent comfort. While you might think of spandex as a rather weak material, it's not - especially in the form used for the Flex Grip Work Gloves. It offers substantial tensile strength, excellent grip and a high performance fit that other fabrics simply cannot match - making it the perfect material for these gloves.
The high visibility colors help provide added safety on the job - especially the unique, reflective fingertip design. The fingertips are also reinforced for added protection and equipped with one of the most amazing features we've ever seen - touchscreen friendly material. Yes, that's correct. You can use your smartphone or tablet while wearing these gloves! You'll never have to remove the gloves to answer a call, check a blueprint, take a photo or send an email, which makes them a priceless addition to anyone working in the field. For many people, this feature makes them worth their weight in gold.
The knuckles feature padding which help reduce the shock of impacts and also prevents cuts, scrapes and abrasions for sharp object, heavy materials and more.
At the wrists, the cuffs are made of elastic material for an excellent fit while also utilizing a wide design for easy on & off. They secure very nicely thanks to a medical grade velcro-style hook & loop closure system which also prevents accidental/unwanted removal.
The High Visibility Flex Grip Work Gloves also feature reinforced and padded palms for improved grip, which is critical for using tools. Thanks to the thin and flexible materials used, the gloves also have excellent sensitivity which makes it easy to work with smaller tools and objects. The reinforced thumb crotch gives a final layer of protection in one of the most typical high-wear areas, giving you a long-lasting work glove that is well rounded for any basic task.
Featuring double stitching throughout, these work gloves are high visibility orange and yellow with a darker colored palm area on the underside. They are available in Medium, Large and Extra-Large sizes. See more or get your own today from HiVis Supply - you'll be glad you did and your hands will thank you!

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