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Hi Vis and Contrast

black series shirt


Black Series F406 FR Long Sleeve T-Shirt


  • 6.4 oz Modacrylic/cotton       lightweight interlock knit material
  • 2” wide breathable silver       reflective material greatly reduces hot spots
  • Dark FR sides add a sporty look       and visual contrast


  • Left chest pocket


  • NFPA 70E-2012
  • ASTM 1506-10a
  • HRC 2
  • Arc Rating/Ebt=8.6 cal/cm2

Here's an example of a thread from a forum discussing some of the benefits of Hi-Viz  - and whether or not high visibility gear in different types of instances.

The writer explains: Hi vis is not necessarily the 'safest' method of visibility for objects moving at high velocities.

Why is hi-viz used for construction workers and not their trucks? Because they aren't moving much by comparison to vehicles.

Now, what do they do for vehicles that are in motion in areas that are extremely hazardous or dangerous?

They add CONTRAST and SHAPES OR PATTERNS which are disjointed from the shape of the object.

Because when those objects are in motion, it becomes obvious due to the contrast and the shape/pattern moving through space.

The color (of the hi-vis apparel), actually, doesn't make too much of a difference.

A black & white patterned kit will have just as much visibility to the human eye as a hi-viz one when it is placed on an object in motion at some discernable velocity. A black & white patterned kit will have less visibility than a hi-viz one when the object is in low-speed, minimal activity.

Motion is detected with the RODS in your retina, not the cones, and more importantly through utilizing perceived CONTRAST, not color.

Why do you think the best snipers in the world are color blind? Because they're able to see contrast quicker, no colors to distract their vision.

Why do you think the military (of any country) prefers soldiers who are color blind? Because they can detect movement in even the best camouflage, they are not distracted by color but focus on... guess what... CONTRAST.

Why do you think the world's greatest predators (non-human) see the world in greyscale or black&white? CONTRAST!

What do you think? Is he correct?


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