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GSS Safety's ANSI Class 2 Onyx Snag Proof T-Shirts

gss safety onyx snag proof t-shirtsWhen the summer heat hits, you'll be looking for any way possible to stay cool on the job. Reducing the layers of clothing you wear will always help, but sometimes this isn't easy when ANSI Class garments are required for personal safety. Thankfully, the folks at GSS safety have developed high visibility t-shirts that meet ANSI Class 2 standards and are made from snag-proof polyester fabric designed to stand up to heavy-duty work environments.

Onyx Snag Proof T-Shirts

The Onyx Snag Proof T-shirt is made from 100% polyester fabric that's moisture-wicking, anti-microbial and breathable. Perfect for even the hottest work environments, these shirts utilize a special design developed to resist snags and tears. Unlike regular polyester or cotton shirts, the Onyx t-shirt stands up to heavy materials and excessive wear, giving you a long lasting garment that's both lightweight and comfortable.
The unique segmented reflective striping helps to enhance air flow, keeping your body cooler throughout the day. It also prevents odd shrinkage and deformation that often occurs when drying garments with solid striping. When solid striped shirts are heated in the dryer, the fabric can shrink but the stripe does not - this creates wrinkles, folds and uncomfortable buckles in the main fabric, generally reducing the lifespan, comfort. and reflective qualities of the garment. With segmented striping, the fabric is free to expand and contract, which means you'll get the same great fit and reflectivity after wash & dry cycles. The Class 2 Onyx T-Shirts are equipped with 2-inch segmented reflective striping laid over a 3-inch contrasting color background for ANIS Class 2 compliance. The black model, due to it's black fabric is not ANSI compliant but still offers and excellent level of reflectivity for jobs where ANSI isn't a requirement.
As an added convenience, the GSS Snag Proof T-Shirt is equipped with a pen/pencil pocket on each sleeve. With GSS's commitment to quality, you can assure these shirts are manufactured to high-standards and built to last. They're also comfortable, stylish and very effective at keeping you highly visible in any work environment. For more details or to purchase your own for just $24.85 each, view the GSS Safety Onyx Snag Proof T-Shirt here at our website. We're confident that you'll be satisfied with these shirts as they're a great value for a great product.

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