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GSS Safety 3-in-1 Ripstop Utility Safety Parka

gss safety 3-in-1 ripstop utility parkaWorking outdoors in the frigid weather of winter can be quite humbling, but it doesn't have to be. When you're equipped with the proper gear, there's not much that can keep you from accomplishing your job. When GSS Safety designed their 3-in-1 ripstop utility parka they had this in mind, as well as a few other bright ideas.
Made with a thermal insulated, polyurethane coated 300-denier outer shell, it's warm, wind & waterproof and built to withstand rips, snags and tears from even the most harsh work environments. Thanks to its taped & sealed seams, there's no chance of water penetration which means you'll be dry all day long, regardless of how crummy the weather may get. The sealed seams also prevent wind penetration, making for a guaranteed level of comfort that not may jackets can boast about. The jacket is in fact, very comfortable. Aside from the insulated shell, it features a removable fleece liner that not only has its own pockets, but a bit of reflective striping on the upper arms for improved visibility.
This is an extremely durable jacket and features additional fabric protection in the form of Teflon Shield+, which on top of the ripstop characteristics make it even less likely to snag or puncture. Not only does this aid in giving the garment a longer lifespan, it also means that you're less likely to to get caught up on something hazardous or receive cuts, scrapes or lacerations from accidental contact with a sharp edge or corner.
The 2-inch segmented reflective striping offers better flexibility over traditional solid striping, and it also is less prone to deformation when washing or after a dry cycle. With a 3-inch contrasting black background stripe, it's ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 3 compliant and provides an excellent level of visibility in any type of low-light condition, whether you're working in snow, rain or at night time.
Being a 3-in-1 jacket as the name implies, it can be worn 3 different ways. First, it can be worn as a whole. This is the way it comes in its packaging, with the fleece lining zipped into the outer shell. Secondly, the fleece liner can be removed, allowing you to wear the waterproof, insulated shell by itself. Thirdly, when there's no need for ANSI class compliance and the weather isn't as cold, the fleece liner can be worn alone. The 3-in-1 usability makes this jacket ideal for many different weather types, including cool, rainy, cold, and VERY cold days. It all depends on how you wear it.
There are some other features that make this utility jacket quite convenient as well. It's equipped with a chest pocket that has an ID badge holder which can come in quite handy for large industrial jobs, police work, and emergency responders. It has built-in microphone tabs that make hands-free communication a breeze, bridging the gap between workers and equipment operators to allow effective and immediate communication. The jacket features plenty of storage space thanks to multiple pockets, including a pen/pencil pocket on the sleeve. The outer shell's hood is detachable, making for easy removal when it's not needed. Reflective accent striping also gives a small but significant increase in visibility that provides you with a little extra confidence that you're being seen on a hazardous job site.
The 3-in-1 Ripstop Utility Jacket from GSS Safety is an excellent choice for warmth, safety, comfort and usability. For more details or to purchase your own, visit our website today or follow this link directly to the product.

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