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Enter to Win a Summer Survival Kit!

summer survival kitIf you've been a fan of our facebook page, you'd know that we've been running a product giveaway for the last few months. At the beginning of each month we choose a product and ask you to fill out a very short form to enter. At the end of that month, we randomly choose a and announce.
For our last giveaway in the month of June, we gave away a VIKING Journeyman 300D FR Surveyor's Safety Vest. The month before that, in May, we gave away an Ergodyne Low Profile Hydration Pack and in April, we gave away a pair of Bolle Hustler Polarized Safety Sunglasses.
This month, for July, we figured we should giveaway something geared toward workers who are constantly battling the heat while working outdoors or in extreme indoor environments. Thus, the Summer Survival Kit was born.
The Summer Survival Kit is a package containing a handful of very useful products that make working in the heat much more comfortable and bearable. We tried to put something together that would be an all-around answer to the stresses of working in those high summer temperatures, and we think we've achieved that. The Summer Survival Kit includes a little bit of everything, including:
- 1 pair of Bolle Lowrider Safety Glasses
- 1 Ergodyne CHILL-ITS Cooling Hat
- 1 Ergodyne CHILL-ITS Cooling Towel
- 1 Ergodyne CHILL-ITS Cooling Bandana
- 1 Package of Sqwincher Squeeze Pops
- 1 Package of Sqwincher Kwik Sticks
As you can see, the Summer Survival Kit contains cooling hat, eye protection, a cooling towel, a cooling bandana and some electrolyte packed refreshments to help you stay hydrated while performing the most strenuous tasks. The cooling gear from Ergodyne is water-activated and uses high performance fabrics that help keep you cool all day long.
The only thing better that we could think of to keep you cool and comfortable is a paid day off from work, relaxing in the A/C; but unfortunately we can't offer you that. What we can offer you though, is a chance to win this great gear for free!
To enter to win, head over to our facebook page and click on the HiVis Supply Giveaway Tab. Or, simply CLICK HERE. There you'll find a very short and simple form that you can fill out which will automatically enter you to win. Be sure to enter today, and be sure to stay cool this summer!

2 thoughts on “Enter to Win a Summer Survival Kit!”

  • mark turner

    I could sure use that i live and work in Las Vegas and its been in the 110 +

  • Patrick O'Carroll
    Patrick O'Carroll July 5, 2013 at 11:18 am

    Hello i would love to win this prize i work for a cable company and i am outside in this new york heat all day long pulling cable. This summer survival lit would be awsome to have.

    Thank you

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