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Discover the Dark Side with Black Hi Vis Safety Gear

black high visibility safety gearWhen you think of high visibility safety, you're probably thinking of blindingly bright orange and yellow colors. However, there's a newcomer to the game - and that would be black. Yes, black.
A few safety gear manufacturers including Work King, Viking, and Tough Duck have introduced black safety gear into their product lineups in the last year, and the products have actually began to become quite popular.
While black high visibility gear doesn't always meet ANSI Class safety standards due to the black material, the reflective striping is still present and the garments remain highly effective for providing visibility in situations where a specific ANSI Class of garments aren't required.
One of the major benefits of the black safety gear is it's clean appearance. Depending on your workplace and profession, you might be in regular contact with dirt, grease, or other materials that quickly soil your clothes. With lighter colors, the dirt is readily visible, while black on the other hand, does an excellent job of masking it - providing a cleaner, fresher look throughout the work day.
Appearance isn't everything though - there are additional benefits of black high visibility work wear that the usual yellow and orange colors can't compete with. For example, consider an environment where bright colors are abundant. If you're working in a factory that manufactures bright colored fabrics or products, or if you're working in a large forested area during the fall season where bright colored leaves dominate the landscape, you're actually going to be more visible - and therefore safer - with a darker color such as black.
One of the other great uses for black safety apparel is for personal safety in situations where safety gear isn't required at all. The black blends in with regular clothing while the reflective striping ensures you can be seen, especially in low light conditions. This is something that's attractive to people who prefer enhanced visibility yet would rather not wear the common fluorescent colors associated with high visibility clothing.
Whether you're looking for improved safety in a specialty environment, or simply looking for a change in your high visibility wardrobe, check out our inventory of Black Hi Vis Safety Gear today. There is a great selection of products to choose from, and as always, they're available at our everyday low prices.

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