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Avoid Heat Stress in the Workplace

working in the heatAnyone who works outside, especially during the summer months, will tell you just how challenging it can be. When the temperatures rise, your body has to work harder, you sweat more and you lose fluids more quickly. This is especially true for labor intensive work in direct sunlight. It is not uncommon for individuals to push themselves and focus on completing a task, ultimately denying or delaying themselves proper hydration or a break. For many who have found out the hard way, this is not a good idea. In hot environments your body can lose fluids at a rapid rate, causing sudden heat exhaustion or heat stroke if not addressed. In some extreme cases, it even leads to death. In other words, staying cool and hydrated is extremely important when you're physically active in the heat.
As a supplier of high visibility clothing and safety gear, we understand just how important comfort is, especially when working outdoors in extreme heat. If you're not prepared and fail to take precautions, work can be downright miserable. However, if you understand the risks and take proper preventative measures, you're body is completely capable of performing in these circumstances. There's a large selection of specialty heat stress products that have been designed specifically for indoor/outdoor use in high-heat environments. The products available use all sorts of different materials and technologies to keep you cool, comfortable and safe throughout the work day, allowing you to take your mind off the heat and focus on your work.
Sweat Absorbent Products
Sweat Absorbent materials do two things. First they absorb sweat, then they dissipate the moisture rapidly thanks to their lightweight and quick drying fabrics. Removing the sweat away from your skin allows for better contact with the air which helps to keep you cool and dry throughout the day, making working conditions more comfortable.
There's plenty of sweat absorbent products to choose from, mostly consisting of headwear such as hats, caps, bandanas, dew rags, skullcaps and sweat bands.
Evaporative Cooling Products
Evaporative cooling products are the ultimate in cooling protection. These products use next-generation materials that are usually water activated. The materials contain specialized polymers and cooling fibers that lock in moisture, yet feel dry to the touch. To use, you simply soak or place the item under running water for a specified amount of time and then wear. The water that's locked into the fibers evaporates slowly and efficiently, which produces a cooling effect and helps lower body heat. Certain evaporative cooling products use triple-layer technology with high-tech fleece cores covered with microfiber shells. These are the best performing cooling products available as the cooling effect can last days, and sometime up to a whole week depending on ambient temperatures. When the cooling power is diminished the item can easily be re-used by reactivating it with water.
Evaporative cooling technology has influenced a wide array of safety products that help defeat heat stress. From caps, bands and bandanas to vests, shirts, blankets and hats - there's a solution for every application.
PIP products has recently introduced a new item called the Phase Change cooling vest. This is a two-part system consisting of a shell and an insert. The inserts contains a semi-solid thermal energy technology that is activated by freezing or placing in ice-water. The great thing about this product is that unlike wearing a frozen safety vest, the Phase Change Vest maintains a steady 65 degrees for up to 3 hours, offering consistent cooling in even the most extreme heat environments. It can be worn under or over your garments but is extremely effective for undergarment use in situations where heavy protective clothing is a requirement.
Prevent Heat Stress
With the abundance of products and technology available today, there's truly no need for the outdoor worker to suffer in extreme heat situations. HiVisSupply specializes in high visibility safety gear and clothing and carries a huge inventory of all the top name brands. From heat stress prevention to the latest in high visibility rain gear, HiVisSupply is the industry's trusted source for work gear. Visit us today at where you can browse, buy and save on the safety products you need at low, discounted prices.

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