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ANSI 107 FOR Hi Vis Gets Updated for 2010

The beginning of 2010 marked the highly anticipated revision to the 107-2004 High Visibility Standard. This Standard is updated every 5 years and is now labeled ANSI/ISEA 107-2010. It specifies performance requirements for high visibility safety apparel and headwear PPE. Specific performance requirements are included for:

  • Color
  • Retro-reflection and minimum areas
  • Recommended configurations of the materials and design

Below is an outline of the primary differences between ANSI/ISEA107-2010, and the previous ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Standard.

GARMENT DESIGN AND REFLECTIVE PLACEMENT - A class 1 or a class 2 garment must now have reflective material in the shoulder area, which provides greater visibility when a worker is bending over, or at angles that could be potentially missed on a garment without “vertical” reflective material over the shoulders.
FLAME RESISTANT (FR) LABELING - The 107-2004 standard did not address flame resistant labeling. ANSI 107-2010 requires all flame resistant garments to be tested within at least 1 of 7 ASTM or NFPA test methods, including a description of the flame resistance criteria. If a manufacturer wants to mark high visibility apparel as being FR, the garment must meet one of the FR tests in the 107-2010 Standard and certify its conformance to the FR requirement. For specific test methods, a copy of the new 107-2010 Standard can be purchased directly from the ISEA.
RAINWEAR – There have been new testing requirements added for rainwear. Three different test methods will define rainwear as either water repellant, water resistant or water proof.
GARMENT SERVICE LIFE GUIDELINES - ANSI 107-2010 also attempts to help users determine garment service life. Areas to consider are:
  • garment use
  • type of garment
  • environment
  • laundering methods
  • exposure to the environment
In addition, it references the U.S. Federal Highway Administration statement about high-visibility life expectancy. (Federal Register/Vol. 71 No. 226/Friday, November 24, 2006/rules and regulations/p. 67798
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