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A New Age in High Visibility Rain Wear

high visibility rain gearIn less than one month, the cold weather will start to subside and the drab and rainy season will be rapidly approaching. For most of you who work outdoors, those are the dreaded days of stomping through the mud, handling wet tools and materials, and just a general sense of discomfort during the wet weather. Everything seems to take longer in the rain or on a wet job site but still the job has to be done.
Fortunately, you don't have to be as miserable as it may sound. There's an abundance of ANSI Class rainwear available to keep you as comfortable as possible day in and day out, allowing you to focus on your job tasks and make the workday easier. With the proper gear, those rainy days will barely even phase you.
While there's always been an answer to staying dry, never before has it been so easy. Manufacturers of safety garments are going above and beyond in recent years to combine proven older methods with new technology - making for some of the most durable, effective, comfortable and versatile ANSI compliant rainwear imaginable.

Improved Materials

Rainwear has really evolved since the days of giant vinyl overcoats. Lightweight, PU-coated polyester oxford fabrics and rugged 300-Denier polyester offer a lightweight alternative to the heavier and less durable materials of the past. Not only are these materials lighter and more comfortable but they also allow for less resistance and a better range of movement.

Improved Comfort & Functionality

Again, nowadays, rainwear is not a single piece of one-size-fits-all heavy waterproof clothing. Waterproof pockets and zippers are now the norm, as are removable waterproof hoods. Advancements in design and engineering have allowed for the integration of vents and/or ventilation zippers in strategic locations to help increase airflow and breathability in a garment which is normally airtight - and they do so in a way that still keeps the water out!

Improved Visibility

As wet and rainy weather naturally decreases visibility, it renders you more susceptible to accidents or injuries that can be directly attributed to not being seen. Since so many of the top manufacturers have advanced their reflectivity technology, this application naturally applies to their rainwear. High-reflectivity waterproof pants and bibs are now quite common and add a significantly higher level of visibility during wet conditions. During dry conditions, hi-vis pants may not be required - but since you're wearing the waterproof gear to stay dry, the added reflectivity is just another beneficial factor.
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