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3M Scotchlite: Not All Hi Vis Reflective Gear is Created Equal

HiVis-Supply-3M-Scotchlite-Reflective-TapeWhen it comes to high visibility safety gear, the main requirement is apparel that meets the standard ANSI safety specifications. While those specifications are put into place to ensure higher visibility in normal and low-light environments, not all reflective gear is created equal.

Believe it or not, many high visibility products don't even meet the ANSI Class requirements that they're advertised to meet - and without proper ANSI compliance, a substantial risk is posed to your personal safety. Some products barely meet ANSI requirements, while others go above and beyond to deliver the best quality product available in an effort to keep you as safe and visible as possible. 3M is one of those manufacturers that consistently goes above and beyond with their patented Scotchlite technology.

What makes 3M Scotchlite so good? A combination of vigorous testing, extensive design & planning and of course, dedication. 3M has invested a great deal of time, money and resources to create the highest quality reflective materials available anywhere. For 3M, improving personal safety is of the highest level of importance - it's their specialty! And nobody does it better.

Did you know testing has shown that 1 in 3 non-3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material garments are not bright enough to meet relevant safety standards right out of the package, even though they are labeled as compliant? It's true, and you don't want to get stuck with those type of garments, especially when it's your personal safety on the line!

Check out the short video below to see the difference that 3M Scotchlite materials make when it comes to enhanced nighttime visibility. You'll be surprised! The next time you purchase hi vis safety gear, make sure it's equipped with Scotchlite reflective material.

At HiVis Supply, we have a giant inventory of high visibility safety gear equipped with 3M Scotchlite material. Visit us today at and be sure you're getting the highest quality safety gear out there.

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