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3M Reflective Delivers Maximum Visibility for Miners

High visibility safety clothing is used in a wide variety of professions, from road and construction work to emergency response and production plants. There is always the risk of injury when heavy equipment, vehicles, machinery are present. Likewise, for many occupations such as police or emergency response personnel, the visibility makes it easier to identify workers among a crowd.
One of the more interesting occupations that we don't really think of when it comes to workers who rely on high visibility clothing is mining. Miners have a very unique workplace, working hundreds and even thousands of feet underground. They are constantly in dark areas, often dirty with minimal light and low oxygen levels. It only make sense to utilize high visibility gear in such a dangerous workplace. The gear allows them to easily be seen in the low-light conditions and aids in the prevention of accidents. It also has helped many miners to be rescued during accidents since patches of the reflective gear are easily recognized when mining operations cave in and/or normal lighting is not available.
This short video below from 3M gives a interesting look into the workplace of a miner and shows the immense difference made by high-quality reflective striping. The next time you purchase hivis safety gear, make sure it's equipped with 3M reflective striping to ensure the utmost safety.

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