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2014 Workplace Safety & Health Calendar: Top 12 Hazards that Cause Injuries and Death

2014 workplace safety calendarThe state of Washington has added a unique twist to calendars for the 2014 year, headed by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.
The department has released a calendar that's now available, highlighting the 12 most common hazards that cause injury and death in the workplace. The calendar features legitimate businesses and their employees and places emphasis on hazards that both employers and employees should be aware of on the job.
Included in each month are suggested weekly safety tips and best practices for varying hazards including slip & falls, burns, dangerous objects & materials, electrical hazards, chemical hazards, machinery and much more.
This is the perfect calendar for the office, break room or anywhere else where employees are present. It's a great informational resource as well as a helpful reminder to take workplace safety seriously.
If you're located in Washington, you can request a free printed copy by contacting the office nearest you. Be sure to tell them you're requesting form #F417-248-000 and be prepared to provide your business mailing address. The calendars are available while supplies last.
If you're outside of Washington or if supplies have ran out, you can still take advantage of this calendar by utilizing the printable .pdf file, which can be located here. Consider saving the .pdf to a computer and printing out several copies of the current month's page that can be utilized at each desk, work station, or other areas where employees or visitors congregate. Then print out the relevant page each month and replace to keep the calendar up to date. This option is probably the easiest and neatest method.
Remember, workplace safety should be a top priority for employers and employees alike. Give safety the attention it deserves today - in the form of a helpful 12 month calendar.

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