5 Most Durable Hi Vis Work Jackets Available

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Anyone can make a jacket that looks tough. When you’re putting your jacket to the test at work, though, looking good won’t do much unless there’s serious manufacturing quality to back it up. And when you’re depending on your work jacket for high visibility protection, sacrificing safety most definitely isn’t an option. If you do hard, physical work in cold conditions, you need a hi vis jacket that can hang tough even in harsh winter weather. That’s what we’re going to talk about today: five tough-as-nails safety jackets from HiVis Supply that laugh in the face of adversity. Find out about these jackets below — but first, a word about how we pick the toughest of the tough.

What Makes a Work Jacket Tough?

So, what’s the secret of making a work jacket that’s genuinely rugged? Glad you asked. These are some important things to look for when you’re on the hunt for a tough work jacket: 

  • Fabric: Don’t settle for just any fabric. Fabrics like duck cotton and ripstop polyester blends are the way to go for work jackets, preferably with a denier rating of at least 300. 
  • Construction: Quality construction matters a lot when it comes to workwear. Reinforced seams are a must for resisting the daily wear and tear of physical jobs — they’re a big difference between a jacket that falls apart after a year and one that keeps on chugging.
  • Insulation: Choose a jacket with multi-layered insulation to keep you warm on cold days. Generally, synthetic insulation is superior to down insulation for work jackets because it performs better in wet conditions. 
  • Waterproofing: Most rugged work jackets have some water resistance built in, often in the sealed seams. If you work outside in conditions like rain or snow, make sure you choose a jacket that’s fully waterproof, not just water resistant.
  • High Visibility: On many job sites, a hi vis jacket is crucial both for keeping out the cold and for staying visible to vehicle operators. Read up on the ANSI 107 standard and make sure you’re rocking a jacket with the right visibility level for your job.
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HiVis Supply’s 5 Toughest Jackets

You need a work jacket that’s tough? Real tough? No, no — tougher than that? Well, we’ve got some news for you: We’ve got those jackets. There’s nothing delicate about any of these five jackets. Each one is precision engineered to take on the lousiest weather around and keep you warm and safe the whole time. We’ve curated this part of our selection to appeal to people just like you: Those who don’t flinch from the hard work and need a jacket that does the same.

  1. Tough Duck S457 Class 1 Black Premium 10oz Cotton Duck Contrast Safety Jacket: Take the sturdiest duck cotton fabric around, combine it with six ounces of quilted polyester insulation, and roll it all up in an ANSI Class 1 jacket available in stylish black. The quick-release hard hat hood and numerous pockets leave no doubt that this is a jacket made for tackling the toughest blue collar jobs.
  2. Work King S187 Class 3 HiVis 300D Ripstop 4-In-1 Jacket: The S187 is the unstoppable ANSI Class 3 work jacket you’ve been waiting for — and it’s versatile, too! The ANSI-compliant removable liner allows you to customize the warmth level, while taped seams give you real waterproof performance. 
  3. Kishigo JS152 Class 3 Brilliant Series Oralite 360 Pro Safety Parka: This ANSI Class 3 safety parka is a stylish, ski-jacket-inspired piece with groundbreaking features. The parka’s quilted thermal insulation is designed to minimize bulk. Its interior storm cuff and tall collar offer a combined anti-snow defense that makes it ideal for anyone who works in wintry conditions.
  4. GSS Sherpa Lined Canvas Jacket: For something a little lighter but no less durable, check out this biker-type jacket that GSS has cooked up. The flattering cut will turn heads, but they might also just be admiring the jacket’s sturdy polyester duck shell, quilted nylon sleeves and 360-degree ANSI Class 3 visibility protection.
  5. Onyx Series 8505 Class 3 Utility Safety Parka: When it comes to rugged practicality, it’s hard to beat the 8505. Consider this: Its removable fleece liner makes it a cinch to increase or decrease insulation, but its 300 denier ripstop outer shell also means business all the time. Numerous pockets allow you to carry everything you need on the job, and a double flap storm closure and removable rain hood give you dependable weather protection.

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HiVis Supply is the professional’s choice for hi vis workwear. See our whole selection of high visibility jackets for even more great choices, or visit our winter workwear collection to browse all of our cold weather workwear solutions. 


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