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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • The Ultimate Utility Shirt - GSS Safety's ANSI Class 3 Performance Utility Shirt

    gss 7505 ansi class 3 performance utility shirtWhen we think of ANSI-rated clothing, it's usually about nothing more than safety compliance for the workplace. It's not often that you find safety, comfort, style and durability in a single garment - but the folks over at GSS safety are doing something about that. The new 7505 Performance Utility Shirt delivers everything you could ask for and then some.
    To start, these shirts are made from a highly durable and lightweight ripstop fabric to give the perfect balance of strength and comfort. The material is quick-drying and rapidly wicks away moisture, making it a great choice for warm environments. It features front and rear vents that allow for enhanced airflow to reduce sweat and help maintain a stable body temperature. The fabric is also treated with a unique technology that gives you 50 UPF sun protection to prevent burning and irritation while working outdoors in direct sunlight.
    The 7505 Performance Utility Shirt is designed with a relaxed fit, which also helps to improve airflow and comfort. It features roll-up sleeves that can be secured with a button tab located near the upper arm to prevent accidental unrolling during job tasks, and a buttoned front closure. There are dual front chest pockets and also a convenient divided pen/pencil pocket on the left arm shoulder for easy access. The segmented reflective striping lends additional airflow, improved flexibility over solid striping and is less likely to buckle after wash & dry cycles, giving you a longer lifespan for your dollar.
    Ideal for any type of utility work, this ANSI Class 3 compliant high performance work shirt gives you the best of both worlds, offering unparalleled comfort and exceptional safety compliance. Available in high visibility lime or orange, the GSS Performance Utility Shirt can be purchased in sizes M - 5XL for only $54.50. Learn more or get yours today and feel the difference throughout the workday. Stay safe (and comfortable) out there!

  • ML Kishigo Keeps It Cool with the 9120 High Visibility T-Shirt

    ml kishigo 9120 hi vis t-shirtSummer is here and the temps are heating up, but are you keeping as cool as possible at work? Proper clothing is critical and so is your safety - thankfully the ML Kishigo 9120 High Visibility T-shirt has you covered in both areas. These shirts are designed for optimal comfort and performance, even in the hottest weather - and they don't sacrifice your visibility to do so.
    Manufactured from a lightweight and highly breathable microfiber polyester fabric, these high visibility t-shirts help reduce body heat by promoting the quick evaporation of moisture and allowing for maximum airflow. You stay cooler for a longer period of time, making it easier to concentrate on your job and keep your body temperature at a reasonable level when compared to hi-vis shirts made from other fabrics.
    The high-contrast design of these shirts gives more visibility than normal ANSI Class 2 shirts by featuring 2-inch silver reflective striping laid over a wider hi-vis stripe that contrasts the color of the shirt itself. This creates a more vibrant garment that helps motorists, co-workers and others see you - reducing the chances of an accident or injury on the job. The fabric is also flat-stitched instead of layered, giving you the same level of thickness in the contrasting areas as the rest of the shirt for lightweight comfort.
    If you're looking for a t-shirt that offers as much visibility as possible, the 9120 series by ML Kishigo is an excellent choice. It also features a front chest pocket for simple storage and is available in high visibility lime or yellow. These shirts are ANSI 107 Class 2 compliant and available in a variety of sizes.
    ML Kishigo makes quality high visibility garments and these shirts are no exception. Make your life easier without having to worry about what to wear at work! Stay cool and safe this summer by picking up a few for yourself - at just $20.95 each, you really can't go wrong.

  • Hi-Vis Flex Grip Work Gloves w/Touchscreen Friendly Fingertips

    hi-vis flex grip work gloves with touchscreen friendly fingertipsIf you're ready for the next generation in high visibility work gloves, you don't have to wait any longer - they're already here. The new High Visibility Flex Grip Work Gloves by Custom Leather Craft incorporate cutting edge technology to not only protect your hands - but to keep you as comfortable as possible while doing so.
    These brightly colored work gloves are manufactured from a spandex-based material that offers excellent flexibility without sacrificing strength. This is an important feature, as flexibility and air flow are key to consistent comfort. While you might think of spandex as a rather weak material, it's not - especially in the form used for the Flex Grip Work Gloves. It offers substantial tensile strength, excellent grip and a high performance fit that other fabrics simply cannot match - making it the perfect material for these gloves.
    The high visibility colors help provide added safety on the job - especially the unique, reflective fingertip design. The fingertips are also reinforced for added protection and equipped with one of the most amazing features we've ever seen - touchscreen friendly material. Yes, that's correct. You can use your smartphone or tablet while wearing these gloves! You'll never have to remove the gloves to answer a call, check a blueprint, take a photo or send an email, which makes them a priceless addition to anyone working in the field. For many people, this feature makes them worth their weight in gold.
    The knuckles feature padding which help reduce the shock of impacts and also prevents cuts, scrapes and abrasions for sharp object, heavy materials and more.
    At the wrists, the cuffs are made of elastic material for an excellent fit while also utilizing a wide design for easy on & off. They secure very nicely thanks to a medical grade velcro-style hook & loop closure system which also prevents accidental/unwanted removal.
    The High Visibility Flex Grip Work Gloves also feature reinforced and padded palms for improved grip, which is critical for using tools. Thanks to the thin and flexible materials used, the gloves also have excellent sensitivity which makes it easy to work with smaller tools and objects. The reinforced thumb crotch gives a final layer of protection in one of the most typical high-wear areas, giving you a long-lasting work glove that is well rounded for any basic task.
    Featuring double stitching throughout, these work gloves are high visibility orange and yellow with a darker colored palm area on the underside. They are available in Medium, Large and Extra-Large sizes. See more or get your own today from HiVis Supply - you'll be glad you did and your hands will thank you!

  • FWHA Says Newly Revised ANSI/ISEA 2015 Meets MUTCD High Visibility Garment Requirements

    MUTCD ANSI 107 complianceThe Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has announced on June 1st that all high-visibility safety garments that are compliant with the newly revised American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Accessories (ANSI/ISEA 107-2015), will also be considered compliant with the 2009 MUTCD Manual (manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices).
    The MUTCD currently requires that anyone working on the highway, all flaggers and crossing guards must utilize safety apparel that adheres to ANSI Class 2 or 3 (ANSI/ISEA 107) standards - and that Police officers, fire fighters and other emergency responders who might be exposed to highway traffic are required to wear ANSI/ISEA 207 compliant garments.
    Due to the recent changes in late 2015 of the ANSI/ISEA 107 standard - which addresses specific differences between ANSI 107 and 207 - any high-visibility safety garments which meet or exceed the newly revised ANSI/ISEA 107 will now also satisfy the requirements of MUTCD mandates.

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