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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • SafetyVis Pro LED Illuminated Winter Work Gloves

    safety vis pro LED illuminated winter work glovesWinter is here, and although you might have plenty of work gloves, we're quite confident that you've never seen anything like this.
    The SafetyVis Pro LED Winter Work Gloves are exactly what they seem; LED illuminated for enhanced personal safety in low-visibility work environments. These unique and highly innovative gloves not only provide protection for your hands, but offer an added element of safety to ensure that you can be seen by motorists, heavy equipment operators and co-workers. The cuffs of these gloves are equipped with bright orange LED lighting that feature two settings - glow or flashing - and operate using small 3-volt lithium batteries (included). While they're especially beneficial for those working at night, they lend a higher level of safety for any and all low-light conditions such as mining, tunnel work, show & rain, trench work, and jobs that require working in confined spaces.
    Don't let the flashy lights on these gloves fool you, because the LED lighting is far from the only innovation they offer. As a winter glove, they're insulated for protection from the cold, helping to keep your hands dry and warm all day long. They also feature reinforced knuckles & palms for impact resistance and a terry-wipe thumb area for easily wiping sweat and grime from your face or brow.
    One of the most interesting features aside from the LED illumination is their unique and efficient touchsreen-friendly fingertips. These make it possible to use your smartphone, tablet or other touchscreen device without removing your gloves. This feature alone brilliantly solves the hassle for those whose job duties require constant use of a tablet or smartphone for information input, communication and other uses.
    Made with a flexible spandex back for a secure fit, there's really no going wrong with these gloves. If there's such a thing as "the ultimate work glove", these are most definitely it, and at only $36 per pair they're actually a rather good bargain. To learn more about the Winter SafetyVis Pro LED Work Gloves or to order your own, be sure to check them out on our website at today.

  • Choosing the Proper High Visibility Winter Workwear

    choosing the best high visibility winter workwearAs the cold weather of winter approaches, working outdoors begins to become a real chore. Not only are you forced to deal with the cold, but everything that comes with it. From snow and ice to freezing rain and harsh winds, winter is not an ideal work environment. Nonetheless, the work must be done. One of the most important factors in making the workday bearable in the lower temperatures is your workwear. With the proper equipment, you can achieve warmth throughout the workday and protect yourself from the elements.
    One of the most important things about choosing the proper clothing for working outdoors in the winter is knowing what you're up against. The type of job you're doing can make a difference between needing a bomber jacket or parka, simple rain pants or insulated bibs, or the difference between needing an ANSI or Non-ANSI garments for visibility. For example, while a bomber jacket usually offers a higher level of mobility than a parka, the parka will usually tend to be warmer than the bomber jacket.
    There are several factors you should consider before deciding which garments have the proper features to meet your needs and help simplify your job duties. Does your job require working in rain or in/around standing water? Is high visibility ANSI compliance a necessity? Can hands-free communication or a radio pocket make your job easier? Are you working in sub-zero temperatures which requires garments with heavier insulation? Can you open or unzip the pockets without needing to remove your gloves? Properly identifying your needs will make for a better performing and more functional purchase.
    Quality should also be a concern when making a purchase. If you're only working a temporary job or don't need the added cost of a high quality jacket, there are plenty of economical options available. On the other hand, if your job consists of long days, exposure to extreme cold or requires working with heavy materials, you might consider something made with heavier insulation, ripstop fabric, a heavy hood, and a design that eliminates wind & water penetration. It's also important to determine whether you'll be near exposed flame, fire, or sparks and if you'll be safest with FR-rated fire resistant garments. Convincing yourself that you can get by with the cheapest ANSI 2 jacket available doesn't mean your workday will be much warmer or any easier. If you'll be spending several months working in the cold, you'll need to be prepared so be sure to choose the products that will offer you the highest level of comfort and functionality for your specific duties and profession.
    Last but not least, don't rule out the effectivity of accessories such as hats, gloves, and other insulating products. While a cheap pair of hardware store work gloves might prevent frost bite, they're not going to stand up to the elements or the repeated handling of heavy materials such as stone or metals. Your best bet is to find something that not only keeps your hands or head warm but is also durable enough to survive the season, is available in high visibility colors, and provides a secure fit.
    Again, you get what you pay for and while you don't need to spend a small fortune to protect yourself while working outdoors in the winter, it's helpful to think realistically and make sure the garments you purchase are sufficient for delivering extended warmth, safety and comfort, all day long.

  • 5 Steps For Creating A Safe Workplace

    5 steps for creating a safe workplaceWe spend a lot of our time working, often much more than we'd like to. In fact, it's estimated that the average American spends a solid 11 years worth of time at work throughout their lifetime. With so much time spent, it's a good idea to do things as efficient as possible and a big part of that means working safely.
    Whether you're an employee, manager or business owner, you should take the initiative to provide and maintain a safe working environment. Remember, this doesn't only apply to dangerous jobs or those more likely to be hazardous; it applies to any and all industries. Safety awareness helps avoid accidents, injury, death, and the risk of disastrous consequences from failure to practice proper safety procedure. Here are 5 steps that you can use to create a safer, more efficient workplace.

    Know Your Hazards & Have a Plan

    It doesn't matter whether you're working in a steel mill or a grocery store, there's always going to be safety hazards present. From heavy equipment and machinery to dangerous chemicals, working at heights, and avoiding slip & falls, it's best to be cautious of what could go wrong. If you're working in an office, you might think that nothing bad could happen, but does everyone know where the fire extinguisher is? Is everyone in the office aware of the circuit breaker's location in the event that an electrical fire started? Is there a standard procedure to follow if your business were to get robbed at gunpoint? There's a lot to consider and if you're not aware, informed and prepared when something happens, it could put yourself or others in harm's way.

    Ask Everyone To Participate

    If you're serious about safety, and I mean truly serious, than encourage your employees or co-workers to speak up. Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news, looked down upon or afraid of retaliation or termination for coming forward about possible safety issues. In fact, that's exactly how many people feel they'll be perceived if they spoke up about their concerns, and this can be problematic. Encourage honestly and straightforward discussion when it comes to safety in the workplace. Make it clear that everyone is working together and if someone has a concern, they should voice it to the proper personnel. Often times there are serious safety hazards which go unmentioned and later cause serious harm or even death, solely because people are afraid to be seen as "the complaining employee" or "a threat to profits". Make it clear that safety is a priority in the operation of your workplace and ask that any and all concerns be voiced so they can be properly addressed.

    Promote Group Safety

    While some workers might take safety more seriously than others, it's important to stress that everyone is working as a team. Employees should understand that their own decisions in the workplace can directly or indirectly affect the safety of others. If one person cuts corners, it might raise the risk of an accident for everyone else and that's not fair. Promote group safety by asking everyone to lookout for one another in an non-invasive fashion. If everyone is responsible for the safety of others just as much as they're responsible for their own safety, it creates a reciprocal effect which results a safer working environment for everyone. When the safe way is the only way that work is carried out, it lowers the risk of accidents. Make it clear that employees are paid for their time and that safety needs to come first in all tasks and duties. Never criticize employees or co-workers for taking the extra time to complete a task safely - instead, encourage and praise it!

    Provide The Proper Tools and Training

    Performing hazardous tasks and duties can be extra dangerous without the proper training, tools and materials. Whatever may be needed to complete a job properly and safely should always be provided and/or required. That means proper training, proper equipment, proper maintenance, etc.. Sending your employees up on a broken ladder is no different than gambling but instead of gambling with your own money, you're gambling with the well being of another person. People who aren't properly trained cannot possibly be aware of the potential hazards that might exist, and this is often the root cause of many workplace injuries and deaths. Make sure the risks are clear, and that the proper steps are always taken to prevent them.

    Offer Rewards for Good Safety Practice

    The incentive doesn't have to be huge, but one easy way to help ensure proper safety practices is by offering a reward. Ideally, this works best when used as a group reward, because it puts each individual as a responsible party in the overall effort to meet a goal. The goals and rewards will depend on the work environment and job duties, but consider a quarterly reward that is only awarded when management doesn't see a single instance of unsafe practices on the job. If a single individual cuts corners or utilizes a less-than-safe method of completing a task, the reward is off for everyone. This can really push people to give their 110% effort at working as safe as possible. You'd be surprised how far a quarterly paid day off, company dinner or cash bonus can really go. It's much less of a price to pay than an injury or accident, and it promotes good safety ethics as a habit.

  • Don't Settle for "Good Enough", Demand 3M Scotchlite Reflectivity

    There's a wide range of brand names out there selling high visibility safety gear and work wear. The problem is that too many of these manufacturers are utilizing low-quality reflective materials to meet the minimum requirements of ANSI Class standards. What this means is that you're getting a garment that provides a lower level of safety, which ultimately makes you more prone to accidents and injuries on the job. Furthermore, independent tests have shown that 1 in 3 (non-scotchlite equipped) garments claiming to meet ANSI Class reflectivity requirements do not actually meet those requrements at all.
    In order to ensure the highest level of visibility and workplace safety, demand 3M Scotchlite reflective striping. When you purchase a safety garment that uses Scotchlite striping, you can be sure that it's of the highest quality and provides the best, most effective reflectivity available on the market today. Check out this short video below for more information. In the future, make sure that your garments are equipped with 3M Scotchlite reflective materials. Refusing to settle for less could save your life!

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