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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • GSS Waterproof Thermal Bomber Jacket - Affordable ANSI Class 3 Protection

    GSS 8001 Class 3 Waterproof Thermal Bomber JacketWhen we consider high visibility work wear, we all have different perspectives. Some prefer to purchase the finest gear available to achieve the best visibility levels and maximum durability while others prefer whatever is compliant and least expensive. There are many factors to debate when making a choice of which safety gear works best. Some people prefer to purchase inexpensive gear more often simply because their job is a dirty one and they find that their garments are literally destroyed and lacking the high visibility benefits they once had after just a few short months at work. Others who work in the most extreme conditions may choose apparel that offers the most comfort, protection or functionality regardless of the price tag. Either way, there's no right way to purchase high visibility work wear - finding something that suits your individual needs is all that matters.
    At HiVis Supply, we do our best to offer a large selection of hi-vis work wear ranging from economy garments to top of the line. Our wide variety of inventory contains the top brand names as well as some lesser-known brands, but one thing is for sure - all of our products will get the job done.
    Today, we'd like to put a little focus on a newer product we've began to carry in our winter workwear department - The GSS 8001/8002 Waterproof Thermal Bomber Jacket. This is a very economical ANSI Class 3 compliant winter jacket, yet the quality shouldn't be mistaken for sub-par. In fact, the GSS Winter Bomber Jacket is designed to take quite a beating. It offers convenient features that provide comfort, functionality and the high visibility safety standards required in the workplace.
    Manufactured with a polyurethane-coated 100% polyester shell, this jacket is completely waterproof and comes equipped with taped and sealed seams - a feature that prevents water penetration - allowing you to remain dry and comfortable throughout the workday so you can focus on your work. Seeing that this jacket is a bomber, it's also thermal and therefor features an insulated lining. Made from quilted polyester and utilizing a 4.5-ounce poly-fill insulation, the GSS 8001 gives you the warmth required to make it through the day in a frigid environment. While it might not be packed with high-quality goose down, it provides substantial warmth - especially for labor-intensive work environments.
    As an economical ANSI Class 3 bomber, the jacket offers a surprising amount of functional features just like the top brand names. With a frontal zipper and a snap-up storm flap, cold air and precipitation pose no threat. Elastic integrated cuffs and waistband help to ensure additional protection from the harsh elements and also provide a more secure fit leaving less room for potential snags. A conveniently concealed rear hood offers additional head & neck protection, but only when required - otherwise it's out of sight and out of your way.
    GSS also made sure that their Waterproof Thermal Bomber had no shortage of storage space. The 8001/8002 Jacket has ample pockets, including an inner chest pocket, dual lower-slant pockets, a cell phone/radio pocket, and 2 pen-holding pockets on the sleeve for easy access. There's also intreated mic tabs, making for the safe and efficient use of hands-free wireless communication with equipment operators and/or crew members. Not bad for the price!
    At just $38.95, the GSS Class 3 Waterproof Thermal Bomber Jacket is an exceptional value. It's perfect for the individual yet also affordable enough for group buys or companies looking to outfit their crew(s) with effective ANSI protection. The jackets are available in lime or orange, sizes S - 5XL. There's no need to break the bank to achieve safety and comfort on the job and this jacket is proof. Give it a try today, we think you'll be very satisfied!

  • Learn How You Can Get a Blaklader Winter Jacket & Work Pants For Free!

    blaklader workwearIt's that time of year, just before the holidays where the weather becomes frigid and things seem to come to a grinding halt. But there's one thing that's still moving, and it's the December HiVis Giveaway from HiVis Supply.
    Each month, we try to give back to our customers with a little chance to win something useful. It helps engage our customers while giving them the opportunity to score some serious workwear at no cost. It's completely free to enter but participation is limited to our facebok fan base. You can follow us on Facebook to enter for your chance to win today.
    This month, we'll be giving away a free Blaklader Class 3 Winter Jacket and a pair of matching Blaklader X1600 Work Pants. Valued at over $279, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!
    The Blaklader Class 3 Winter Jacket delivers warmth, comfort and high visibility safety that's built to last even the harshest environments. Valued at $139, they're made from 100% PU-coated polyester with a quilted inner-lining for added protection. The jacket features a fleece-lined collar for comfort and plenty of pockets (including waterproof chest pockets) offering abundant storage space.
    Blaklader's X1600 Work Pants are also designed for rugged performance, made of a durable poly-cotton blend with CORDURA reinforced knees and lower thighs, plus CORDURA utility pockets - both offering exceptional durability in critical high-wear locations. They feature a drawstring boot area and reflective striping on the legs for enhanced visibility.
    Blaklader has been developing and producing workwear for nearly 55 years in Sweden, and we'd like to think they know a thing or two about cold weather. The brand revolves around two major goals - to provide quality and functionality. Each design and every last aspect of every garment offers functionality to make your job easier and safer. Blaklader employs extensive testing of both their raw materials and finished products to ensure these goals are always met. Additionally, they're one of the only workwear manufacturers who offer a lifetime warranty on stitching - if it ever fails, they will repair or replace the garment at no cost - that's what we call confidence!
    Make sure you enter to win this month and you just might end up with your very own Blaklader gear. If not, you can always shop Blaklader Winter Workwear from HiVis Supply, where we guarantee everyday low pricing on our huge inventory of high visibility products.
    Good luck and happy holidays! Stay tuned, we'll be announcing a winner on January 1st!

  • Workplace Injury Continues to Decline, Yet Three Million Cases Were Still Reported in 2013

    workplace injuries declining but still too highWhile injuries and accidents in the workplace continue to decline, the number of official cases for the 2013 work year is still remarkably high. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013 Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, three million employees in the United States suffered from a work-related injury or illness.
    Of course, while it's easy to focus on the large figures presented, the fact is that workplace injury cases continue to decline over recent years. While tighter restrictions and increased awareness contribute to the improvements, the sheer number of workplace injuries is still much higher than it could be. Continued effort, education and awareness on the part of both employers and employees is what will ultimately help reduce the number and create work environments that present a lower safety risk.
    Out of the three million injury cases in 2013, over half of them were considered to be serious injuries that resulted in several days away from work, job transfers or work restrictions.
    The highest rate of injury was found to be amongst mid-sized private industry workplaces which employ between 50 and 250 workers. Alternatively, the lowest rate of injury was among small businesses employing 11 workers or less.
    Some suffered back injuries, others foot or knee injuries. Some cases were less severe where slight sprains occurred yet there are still many cases where we have employees who have lost their lives or are now amputees. So as we see these numbers slowly going down, we're still seeing cases, many cases, where these accidents can be prevented.
    Among the three million reports of injury on the job, over 2.1 million occurred in service-providing industries which makes up nearly 83% of the private industry workforce. The remaining injuries occurred in manufacturing or good-producing industries. And while only 5% of the injury reports were related directly to workplace illness, that's still a a very large number of incidents where people are literally becoming sick from performing their jobs - and that requires some serious attention.
    In an effort to further decrease instances of injury and illness at work, OSHA has made changes to their injury/illness reporting requirements which mandates employers to report all fatal injuries within 8 ours and all in-patient cases of serious injury within 24 hours. Several industries will also be required to keep up-to-date injury and illness records at all times.
    In an ideal situation we'd like to see no injuries at work, but accidents do happen and realistically it's not possible to eliminate all hazards. However, dedicated employers can make a huge difference, as can employees who raise awareness and verbalize their concerns while committing to creating a safe workplace. It all begins with practicing proper safety procedures, utilizing the proper PPE Equipment and safety gear, and continued education.

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