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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Avoiding Frostbite, TrenchFoot & Hypothermia in the Workplace

    We know that working outside in the cold is no fun, but do we realize how dangerous it can be if you're not properly dressed? Often times the signs of cold stress seem less intense than heat stress, but it's still easy for your body to succumb to the cold if you're not careful. There are 3 major types of cold-related disorders that can cause permanent damage and even death - frostbite, trench-foot and hypothermia. The following video will provide a quick but complete review of how to avoid the dangers and stay safe while working outdoors.

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  • 3M Scotchlite: Not All Hi Vis Reflective Gear is Created Equal

    HiVis-Supply-3M-Scotchlite-Reflective-TapeWhen it comes to high visibility safety gear, the main requirement is apparel that meets the standard ANSI safety specifications. While those specifications are put into place to ensure higher visibility in normal and low-light environments, not all reflective gear is created equal.

    Believe it or not, many high visibility products don't even meet the ANSI Class requirements that they're advertised to meet - and without proper ANSI compliance, a substantial risk is posed to your personal safety. Some products barely meet ANSI requirements, while others go above and beyond to deliver the best quality product available in an effort to keep you as safe and visible as possible. 3M is one of those manufacturers that consistently goes above and beyond with their patented Scotchlite technology.

    What makes 3M Scotchlite so good? A combination of vigorous testing, extensive design & planning and of course, dedication. 3M has invested a great deal of time, money and resources to create the highest quality reflective materials available anywhere. For 3M, improving personal safety is of the highest level of importance - it's their specialty! And nobody does it better.

    Did you know testing has shown that 1 in 3 non-3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material garments are not bright enough to meet relevant safety standards right out of the package, even though they are labeled as compliant? It's true, and you don't want to get stuck with those type of garments, especially when it's your personal safety on the line!

    Check out the short video below to see the difference that 3M Scotchlite materials make when it comes to enhanced nighttime visibility. You'll be surprised! The next time you purchase hi vis safety gear, make sure it's equipped with Scotchlite reflective material.

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  • Winter Headwear Provides Safety & Warmth For Working Outdoors

    Keeping your head, neck and face warm is a crucial part of working outdoors in the winter. Without proper protection a day at work can be downright miserable - and even dangerous! We have a great lineup of winter headwear available from the top brand names in safety work gear. They're all specifically designed to make your job easier this season. Best of all, they're available at our everyday low prices. Take a look below to see what's new this year!

    Tough Duck FR Kermel Headwear

    HiVis-Supply-Tough-Duck-FR-HeadwearTough Duck is designed in the far north where the temperatures are disturbingly frigid, and if anyone knows about winter work gear it's these guys. New to the lineup this year is the FR Series Kermel Interlock Headwear. Made from the highest quality materials and made to last, there are 3 products to choose from including a neck warmer, watch cap and balaclava. All 3 are FR rated to keep you safe while keeping you warm. Check them out, along with the other Tough Duck Winter Workwear items today.

    Ergodyne N-Ferno Nomex Balaclava

    HiVis-Supply-Ergodyne-N-ferno-Nomex-BalaclavaErgodyne is a leader in the high visibility safety industry and they also know a thing or two about cold weather gear. The N-Ferno Nomex Balaclava is made from 93% nomex fleece for optimal warmth & stretchability. Nomex provides superior warmth, so there's no doubt that the N-ferno Balaclava can keep you warm on even the most bitterly cold days. The long length ensure proper neck cover and makes this balaclava easy to tuck into a undershirt or jacket. Check out the N-Ferno Balaclava today at HiVis Supply.

    ML Kishigo HiVis Knit Beanie

    HiVis-Supply-ML-Kishigo-HiVis-Knit-BeanieML Kishigo globally known leader in the safety workwear industry. If you own anything from ML Kishigo, you know they offer cutting edge products that are made to be effective, affordable and long-lasting. The HiVis Knit Beanie is affordable, effective and perfect for working outdoors. Featuring dual reflective thread striping for enhanced safety & visibility, these beanies are made from 100% knit polyester for comfort, warmth and a snug fit. Better yet, they're under $7! Available in hives yellow or orange. Check out the ML Kishigo Hivis Knit Beanie right now.
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  • Get a FREE Work King 5-in-1 Safety Jacket

    HiVis-Supply-Work-King-5-in-1-Safety-JacketIt's that time of year again where the temperatures have dropped and it's time to bundle up for work. The colder weather means you'll need extra gear to keep warm but there's a fine line - our bodies heat up easily after a few minutes of vigorous physical activity. So how are you supposed to keep a comfortable temperature in the winter and remain visible enough to meet OSHA regulations? With the Work King 5-in-1 Safety Jacket.

    What is It?

    The 5-in-1 Safety Jacket by Work King is a highly innovative, high visibility safety jacket. Unlike a traditional safety vest or hi-vis bomber jacket, it has the ability to transform into 5 different garments. From a complete hi-vis jacket with a hood to a sleeveless ANSI Class 3 vest, the 5-in-1 jacket is highly versatile and allows to to maintain the perfect balance of warmth depending on your level of activity and the changing temperatures.

    How Does it Work?

    It's easy to use. The removable hood and sleeves make it a cinch to change from a full-blown winter safety jacket to a vest within seconds. It's also reversible - simply turn the jacket inside out for those times when you want to utilize it as a solid black jacket if there's no need for high visibility. It can be used as a hooded jacket, non-hooded jacket, sleeveless vest, non-ansi jacket or a non-ansi vest - if that's not flexibility, we're not sure what is!

    What's it Made Of?

    Work King delivers high quality garments that are built for winter weather and the 5-in-1 jacket is no exception to the rule. The jacket, lining and insulator are made from 100% polyester with a polyurethane coated inner & outer shell.

    What Does it Feature?

    Aside from the awesome ability to be worn in a variety of ways, this jacket has a few other features worth talking about. It's ANSI 107 Class 3, Level 2 Compliant and CSA Z96 Class 2, Level 2 Compliant. The reflective striping utilizes an X-Back design to provide the best visibility possible and keep you safe during dark or low-light conditions. Dual microphone clips make hands-free communication a breeze. Sizeable dual outer pockets (on both sides) and an ID pocket with hook & loop fasteners provide convenience and adequate storage space for gloves, phones and more. The jacket is available in orange/black or lime/black in sizes S - 5XL.

    Where Can I get One?

    The 5-in-1 Safety jacket is available at HiVis Supply for just $144.00 right now. For your shot at a FREE one, visit our HiVis Giveaway on Facebook where we'll be giving one away (with a couple bonus items) at the end of November.

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