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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Blaklader Workwear is Here!

    blaklader workwearWhen the job calls for more than just average safety, it calls for Blaklader. New to the HiVisSupply product lineup, Blaklader is one of Sweden's leading producers of heavy-duty work wear. Since 1959, Blaklader has been developing, producing and selling some of the finest professional workwear available and it's now available for purchase on our website.
    Top quality materials, rigorous testing and a proven history are just a few of the things that make Blaklader and excellent choice in PPE. Especially impressive is the winter workwear line, as we can surely assume that the Swedes know a thing or two about cold weather.

    It's in the Details

    Blaklader takes great pride in providing more than a simple garment, they provide 100% functionality. Down to the finest details, each garment is designed, developed and produced to deliver maximum quality, comfort and purpose. Blacklader understands that the perfect materials, a different type of button or a thicker fabric can make all the difference when it comes to flawless functionality in the workplace. With efficiency being key, it's no wonder that nearly one million garments leave their factory each year - workers trust Blaklader.

    Lifetime Warranty

    It's not often that you'll find any type of garment - let alone one made to take abuse - that comes with a warranty. Blacklader is so confident in the contraction of their safety gear that they offer a lifetime warranty on stitching. If a seam should split, they'll replace or repair the garment at no cost. Everything that leaves the Blaklader facility is made to last.

    The Philosophy

    Blacklader follows one rule - functionality, durability and design. It's not hives material with a couple cheap pockets sewn in and it's not gear that offers little protection. It's made to be tough, to last, and to protect you in one place only - at work! If you want true efficiency, top-quality safety features, and the ultimate in durability, take a look at blockader.
    HiVis Supply has Blacklader Workwear in stock and ready to ship today. Check it out, give it a try and become a loyal believer in the Blacklader difference. You'll be glad you did!

  • HiVis Winter Jackets; Got Warm?

    Let's face it - winter is moving in quickly for 2014 but your work won't be stopping anytime soon. One way to ensure that things go smoothly while working outside in the elements is by having the proper protection for the job. Comfort, visibility and functionality are the most important factors to look for when purchasing high visibility apparel and for that reason, we bring you a few of our most popular and recommended jackets for the winter work season.

    ML Kishigo JS130 Ripstop Fleeced Lined Bomber Jacket

    ml kishigo js130 bomber jacketNew from the ML Kishigo lineup, the JS130 is a replacement for the best-selling 9670 jacket. Equipped with everything you'd expect from an ML Kishigo Bomber Jacket, it is fleece lined and features a waterproof shell made from ripstop fabric. This is an ANSI Class 3 jacket with a detachable hood, adjustable cuffs for optimal comfort and quilted inner sleeves for easy in and out access. Loaded with waterproof pockets and designed for comfort, this jacket does one thing well - it gets the job done! Check out the ML Kishigo JS130 Bomber Jacket now.

    Work King S426 5-in-1 Thermal Jacket

    work king 5-in1 bomber jacketThe Work King 5-in-1 jacket brings something to the table that most high visibility jackets don't - adaptability. As the name implies, this jacket's unique design allows it to be transformed in 5 different ways, providing an ideal garment for any situation. Wear it with or without a hood, without sleeves, reversed as a non-hivis black jacket, as a hivis vest and more. The jacket is polyurethane coated on both sides, features an X-back design, is ANSI Class 3 compliant and more. Check out the Work King S426 5-in-1 Thermal Jacket now.

    Tough Duck S5637 Down Fill Insulated Hi Vis Parka

    tough duck s5637 down filled parkaThe brand says it all, Tough Duck is... Tough! This down insulated parka is designed for the ultimate in cold weather protection. Insulated with 8oz. polyester insulation and featuring a 50/50 down & feather lining, you're definitely going to stay warm out there. This model has a quick release hard hat hood with coyote fur trim and is ANSI class 3 compliant. 3M's Scotchlite reflective material ensures maximum visibility in even the most harsh low-light conditions. Check out the Tough Duck S5637 Down Filled Hi Vis Parka now.
    Jackets definitely play a large part in PPE, but there's a lot more to keeping warm this season than just a jacket. Gloves, hats, bibs, and more also play a crucial part. Visit our website today to get the best prices on the top name brands. Stay warm out there!

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