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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • Prepare for Fall with High Visibility Long Sleeved Shirts

    hi vis long sleeveThere are only 30 days until fall, and cooler temperatures will be on the way soon. If you're working outdoors, you'll probably be adding an extra layer of clothing. But instead of the same-old-same-old, consider investing in your safety with a high visibility or ANSI Class long sleeved shirt. They work great in the place of safety vests, or even in combination with them while providing excellent visibility and comfort.
    From non-ANSI to ANSI Class 3 and even FR rated, there are plenty of styles, sizes and colors to choose from when it comes to long sleeve hi vis shirts. Some models, such as the ML Kishigo Economy Series Long Sleeve Shirt are manufactured from lighter materials, making them thinner to provide enhanced air flow so you don't overheat or sweat too much during vigorous work. Other brands and models are made with thicker fabrics to help keep body heat in for the colder days, such as the PIP Premium Hooded Sweatshirt.
    The benefits of long sleeved high visibility shirts is that the shirt itself improves visibility - so instead of tossing on one of your black sweatshirts and wearing your hi vis vest over it to meet compliance standards, all you'll need is the shirt itself. And better yet, if you're really serious about visibility you can wear your safety vest over it too.
    Similarly, high vis long sleeve shirts that are Non-ANSI are excellent for added visibility when worn underneath your ANSI vest. These shirts offer vivid safety enhancing colors but lack the reflective striping. The prices are cheaper with these models and they definitely offer improved visibility when worn in combination with your ANSI compliant safety vest. The ML Kishigo High Visibility Microfiber Long Sleeve is one of the perfect garments for this type of setup and at only $15.45 it's quite affordable. It's also thin enough to be worn over a normal sweatshirt, but consider ordering a larger size if that's your intention.
    Get ready for the fall season now before you forget by checking out or selection at today. We offer everyday low prices on the highest quality ANSI safety apparel available.

  • 10 Workplace Safety Facts You Probably Didn't Know.

    workplace safety factsThere are plenty of jobs in the United States and other countries around the world that are labeled as risky, dangerous, hazardous and even deadly. You see the lists each year, as writers, researchers and news sources struggle to properly organize and present articles on what they claim to be the 10 or 25 most dangerous jobs or the 5 most deadly occupations. But due to hundreds if not thousands of different factors, it's nearly impossible to label any profession as the most deadly. We do however, know of a handful or two of occupations that are specifically dangerous.
    Aside from trying to present the occupations that are considered to be the most risky to your well being, we're presenting a list of 10 interesting workplace safety statistics. These are completely random, yet legitimate statistics involving safety issues on the job. Remember to be vigilant about safety by using the proper safety gear, taking the proper precautions and educating yourself and co-workers on the best safety practices.

    Deadly Sports? Kind of...

    In 2022, Qatar will host the world cup. While preparations have already began for the stadium and other infrastructure, 900 workers have already died in accidents as of March 2014. As a comparison, 25 workers died in preparation for the Sochi Olympics and 6 workers died during construction for the 2013 World Cup recently held in Brazil.

    Don't get Dozed!

    Beware of bulldozers! The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, out of 4,206 reported construction site fatalities, 774 were the direct result of bulldozer accidents. These incidents included rollovers, crushing incidents, becoming trapped, and run-over accidents.

    This is Shocking!

    An average of 400+ workers die each year in the US from electrocution. Electrical linemen count for about 10% of those fatalities.

    Nothing to Smile About

    In 2012 in there were 249 workplace related suicides and 475 workplace homicides in the United States.

    Foreign actories Highly Fatal?

    It's estimated that there are about 150,000 factory worker deaths annually in China. Researchers feel the number may be up to 50% higher but accurate statistics are not really available.

    Don't Retire Before You Retire

    45 to 54 year olds are the most likely age group to suffer a fatality in the workplace. Workers who are 20 years old and younger make up the smallest percentage of workplace fatalities.

    Cited for Safety

    In 2010 the average OSHA fine was $1,028 and the average company received more than two fines per inspection. According to OSHA the most violated standards over past year were fall protection and scaffolding requirements.

    Way Too Many

    Globally, an average of 6,000 people die per day as a result of work-related accidents or diseases, totaling over 2.2 million work-related deaths a year. According to the international Labour Organization about 350,000 of those yearly deaths are from accidents while the remaining 1.7 million are from diseases.

    'Checks' and Balances?

    The cost of work-related injury and illness in 2007 was about $250 billion in the US. That puts the price to of workplace health and safety problems above the economic burden posed by all cancers combined.

    More Workers Making it Home

    Since OSHA was implemented in 1971, the rate of workplace fatalities among employees has decreased by 62% while occupational injury and illness rates have decreased by nearly 42%.

  • ML Kishigo Mossy Oak Infinity Break-up Safety Vest

    The Mossy Oak Infinity Break-up Safety Vest by ML Kishigo brings the brand's known high visibility technology together with style and functionality. Instead of the "same old" safety vest design, ML Kishigo has created a vest with a unique camouflage lower area that add a bit of personality while aiding to hide dirt in a high-contact area.
    Check out the video below to see the features and benefits of this newly released safety vest.

    The ANSI Class 2 compliant vest is equipped with helpful features such as an inside pocket that's perfectly sized for a tablet, and a microphone tab on the lest chest pocket to simplify the use of hands-free communication at work. Outer cargo pockets provide ample storage space on this vest, while a dual-tier pencil pocket is ideal for miscellaneous storage including a walkie-talkie, radio or a cell phone.
    Mossy Oak Infiniti Break-up Safety Vests are made from ML Kishigo's signature Ultra-Cool Mesh to provide maximum air flow to the body, even during periods of extreme heat. 2-inch vented reflective striping enhances airflow and reflectivity while reflective edges offer additional safety for low light conditions.
    The vest is available in orange or lime at HiVis Supply and can be purchased directly HERE.

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