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Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • OSHA Quick Cards: A Safe Reminder

    osha-quick-cardsA reminder is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to safety. In the workplace, there are plenty of potential dangers and hazards that can present themselves at any given moment. One of the best ways to avoid workplace injury is to be educated on your surroundings, equipment and materials. This allows you to recognize, become familiar with and identify dangers - often before they become a serious problem or cause injury or death.

    In attempt to reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries, OSHA has created a complete lineup of 'Quick Cards'. Chances are you're familiar with these little reminders and you might even have a few (or many). In wither case, we've presented a short list of some of the most common OSHA Quick Cards. The links go directly to the respective quick card which is downloadable in .pdf format for quick & easy printing.

    Check out the list, pass it around and share it with co-workers or others who can benefit from it. Additionally, feel free to print some out for yourself, your employees or your co-workers. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Even if you toss them on a dashboard, toolbox or inside a locker, they're still around as a constant reminder. They're easy to print, sized for convenience and could save your (or someone else's) life.

    If you're looking for a more complete list, you can view all the OSHA Quick Cards by visiting today.

    List of Common OSHA Quick Cards

    • Aerial Lifts Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Animal Handlers/Avian Flu Quick Card: English
    • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Chain Saw Safety Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Chipper Machine Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Construction Hazards Quick Card (top four): English
    • Construction PPE Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Demolition Safety Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Electrical Safety Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Fall Protection Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • General Decontamination Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Hand Hygiene Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Heat Stress Quick Card: English
    • Hydrogen Sulfide Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Lead in Construction Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Motor Vehicle Safe Driving Quick Card: English
    • Permit Required Confined Spaces Quick Card: English
    • Pest Control Quick Card: English
    • Portable generator Safety Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Rescuers of Animals Quick Card: English & Spanish
    • Respirators Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Rodents, Snakes & Insects Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Tree Trimming & Removal Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • West Nile Virus Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Working Safely in Trenches Quick Card: English | Spanish
    • Work Zone Traffic Safety Quick Card: English | Spanish

  • Beat the Heat with HiVis Summer Work Wear

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  • Workplace Accidents are a Top Killer in the US

    HiVis-Supply-Fall-Protection-Work-safetySince we try to put a strong focus on workplace safety, we often comb through statistics regarding health, dangers and injury in the workplace. We try to come forth with relative statistics to help create awareness and give you the knowledge to create a safer workplace, regardless of the hazards. We know injuries can happen at work, and we know that many of them can also be prevented.

    With June being National Safety Month, The National Safety Council created a press release recently to make a few interesting points and create some much needed awareness. The interesting points? Well, accidental injuries are one of the leading causes of death in the US - number 5 actually.

    With it being the 5th largest killer, we've broken accidental death down further to show the 3 major causes:

    1. Poisoning
    2. Motor Vehicle Crashes/Equipment Accidents
    3. Falls

    Keep in mind that these include injuries to the general public as well as in the workplace.

    Now for the rest of the list - here's the top 15 causes of death within the United States, as listed by the NSC.

    1. Heart disease
    2. Cancer
    3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases
    4. Stroke
    5. Unintentional injuries (accidents)
    6. Alzheimer’s disease
    7. Diabetes
    8. Kidney disease
    9. Flu and pneumonia
    10. Intentional self harm (suicide)
    11. Septicemia (blood poisoning)
    12. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
    13. Hypertension
    14. Parkinson’s disease, and
    15. Pneumonitis (inflammation of lung tissue) due to solids and liquids.

    While it's surely an eye opener those of us working in areas that hold potential dangers, it's also an eye opener for the general public. This data actually had the NSC wondering if americans are worrying about the wrong things when it comes to safety.

    You may think the top leading causes of death would be murders or drunk driving accidents but they're not. In fact, they don't even rank in the top 15 of the list. What's equally interesting is that aside from accidental death, the vast majority of the top 15 killer in the US are health related.

    So be healthy, be safe and share this with whoever you can. Many people might be surpassed to see what the list consists of.

    More importantly, don't forget that accidental death is the 5th largest killer in the US. Share that fact with co-workers and managers, it's important to know. Have a safe month and be sure to schedule a safety review meeting for June, after all, it is National Safety Month.

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