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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Stay Ultra-Dry with ML Kishigo Brilliant Series Rainwear

    brilliant series rain gearWhen you think of a rainy day at work you probably have unpleasant thoughts of waterlogged clothes, wet feet, and water dripping into your eyes. Not to mention slippery surfaces and standing water that seemingly make even the simplest tasks a burden. Working in the rain is no fun for any of us, but unfortunately some of our jobs require it. On a more positive note, there are ways to make the work day more bearable and productive, even in the wettest weather.
    The folks at ML Kishigo have been designing and manufacturing some of the best high visibility safety gear on the market for quite some time and have put a significant amount of effort into creating high visibility rain gear that's affordable, performs well and keeps you visible in even the most extreme weather conditions. The Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants are no exception, and in fact, they're the perfect example of top quality gear for the rainy season.
    The Brilliant Series Jacket and Pants are made from high quality 150-denier polyester oxford fabric which provides maximum durability in a lightweight and breathable style that will keep you dry without retaining too much heat and sacrificing your comfort on the job. Of course, they are 100% waterproof featuring sealed seams to prevent even the smallest amount of water penetration.
    While the jacket features a waterproof front zipper with storm flap and waterproof zippered pockets, it also has a vented back and underarms to improve air circulation while keeping out any water. The pants utilize waterproof side cargo pockets and adjustable leg cuffs that provide a comfortable and secure fit. When it comes to storage, dryness and comfort, Brilliant Series Rain Wear offers the best performance available.
    But what about safety? The Brilliant Series Jacket and Pants have that covered also.
    Both products employ Reflexite prismatic tape for ANSI Class 3 protection, but that's not all. Reflective trim pinstripes are used around the edges and seams offer enhanced visibility to ensure the utmost protection and safety. Used in combination, the jacket and pants are some of the most effective garments available for working outdoors in rainy or wet environments. As a touch of style and for the purpose of maintaining a cleanly appearance in areas that usually discolor from dirt and contact, ML Kishigo has incorporated black fabric into the lower areas of both garments to help hide dirt and prevent discoloration.
    If you're serious about staying dry on the job this year, be sure to check out these two products in the high visibility rain gear section of our website.

  • New York City Cleans Up Safety, Construction Deaths Decline by 62%

    new york 2013 construction deathsIn a surprising and very positive announcement, Thomas Fariello, the New York City Buildings Commissioner announced that only 3 fatal accidents happened within the construction industry in 2013, a number that was nearly 63% less than in 2012. According to Fariello, the three deaths all resulted from falls. He stated that the fatalities were the direct result of inadequate fall protection on the job site. Even more surprising is that the number of new building construction permits was up by nearly 30% in 2013 which means there were actually more workers on the job and a generally higher risk of fatal accidents occurring.
    The news comes after the city has increased efforts to decrease construction accidents and deaths via communication and initiatives within the construction industry on the ongoing importance of job site safety. Although the reduction in fatal cases is a good thing, the deaths that did occur in 2013 stand as a perfect example as to why workplace safety is of high importance.
    Fariello's department has introduced more than 25 new construction safety laws within the last 6 years while simultaneously expanding the number of inspectors in the field. They have also initiated safety campaigns with the use and distribution on over 30,000 posters, banners and bracelets to companies, job sites and workers around the city.
    While safety should always be a top priority, we can't stress enough that the simple knowledge of how to work safely is entirely useless unless that knowledge is practiced and adhered to. From safe operations of machinery and equipment to personal protection, there's a lot of work involved in creating and retaining a safe workplace, especially within the construction industry where dangers can be more frequent and also more lethal.
    Be sure, at minimum, that your safety gear, machinery and materials are up to code and functioning properly. Also make sure that your work site always has a plan in place for emergency situations, including having a method of emergency communication.

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