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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • 2014 Workplace Safety & Health Calendar: Top 12 Hazards that Cause Injuries and Death

    2014 workplace safety calendarThe state of Washington has added a unique twist to calendars for the 2014 year, headed by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.
    The department has released a calendar that's now available, highlighting the 12 most common hazards that cause injury and death in the workplace. The calendar features legitimate businesses and their employees and places emphasis on hazards that both employers and employees should be aware of on the job.
    Included in each month are suggested weekly safety tips and best practices for varying hazards including slip & falls, burns, dangerous objects & materials, electrical hazards, chemical hazards, machinery and much more.
    This is the perfect calendar for the office, break room or anywhere else where employees are present. It's a great informational resource as well as a helpful reminder to take workplace safety seriously.
    If you're located in Washington, you can request a free printed copy by contacting the office nearest you. Be sure to tell them you're requesting form #F417-248-000 and be prepared to provide your business mailing address. The calendars are available while supplies last.
    If you're outside of Washington or if supplies have ran out, you can still take advantage of this calendar by utilizing the printable .pdf file, which can be located here. Consider saving the .pdf to a computer and printing out several copies of the current month's page that can be utilized at each desk, work station, or other areas where employees or visitors congregate. Then print out the relevant page each month and replace to keep the calendar up to date. This option is probably the easiest and neatest method.
    Remember, workplace safety should be a top priority for employers and employees alike. Give safety the attention it deserves today - in the form of a helpful 12 month calendar.

  • Stay Dry on the Job with High Visibility Rain Gear

    hivis rain gearAlthough we're still battling the frigid winter air, spring is practically right around the corner. As the temperatures begin to rise and provide some much needed relief for those of us who work outdoors, we're almost immediately met with the seemingly never-ending rains that springtime brings. While those freezing days of waiting to coming home to a warm house are finally over, the focus has shifted to getting somewhere dry instead.
    Working outdoors during the rainy season doesn't have to be so miserable, however. There's an abundance of products available to keep you dry out there. Thanks to improved technology and a demand for more comfortable, higher quality rain gear, things have com a long way since the days of those classic vinyl rain suits. Before you spend another year dreading this rainy days, take a look at a few of the latest and most popular high visibility rainwear products on the market.
    ml kishigo economy series rain suit

    ML Kishigo Economy Series Class 3 Rain Suit

    The Economy Series Rain Suit by ML Kishigo is, well, economical. But that doesn't mean it's cheaply made! For about $45, you get the jacket and the pants. That's a pretty good deal too, especially considering that they're both 100% waterproof and made from 150-denier polyester oxford with a polyurethane coating. All seams are sealed and the jacket is equipped with a zipper storm flap closure, lower front patch pockets and adjustable wrist cuffs to help keep water out. The pants also feature adjustable ankle cuffs for an improved fit around your boots. The 2" reflective striping on the jacket and pants enhances your visibility and meets ANSI Class 3 compliance. You don't have to spend a fortune to stay dry and safe!
    viking thor 300d rain jacket

    Viking Professional Thor 300D Class 3 Rain Jacket

    This one is pretty impressive. If you want serious quality and first class performance, take a look at this one. Made from 300-denier ripstop polyester, it's about as tough as they come. It also has a lot more to offer than just being tough though. It's 100% waterproof, machine washable and features double sewn and taped seams for durability and performance, even in heavy rains. Articulated elbows offer increased comfort for a long day at work while the unique arm pit zippers provide ventilation allowing you to stay cool while keeping dry. It also features a removable Stormblaster hood and microphone clips for hands-free communication. Meets ANSI Class 3 specifications for maximum visibility in wet weather and is available for $123 at HiVis Supply.
    ml kishigo brilliant series rain pants

    ML Kishigo Brilliant Series Rain Pants

    These are serious rain pants for a serious day at work. The Brilliant Series Rain Pants by ML Kishigo are not only waterproof, they're also stylish and durable. Sealed seams make them 100% waterproof and the Reflexlite Prismatic Striping helps make you 100% visible. Reflective trim stripes add to these already ANSI Class E compliant rain pants. They even have cargo pockets that provide waterproof storage for your goods while the adjustable leg cuffs ensure you're getting the best fit possible. The black bottom design also helps to hide dirt, providing a cleanlier appearance. Best of all? They're valuable now in either lime/black or orange/black at HiVis Supply for $47. Don't forget to check out the matching Brilliant Series Rain Jacket while you're there!
    As we said, working in the rain doesn't have to be terrible. Equip yourself properly and you'll hardly know you're out there. To see more high visibility rainwear products that will keep you dry all day long, visit our website at and check out our complete inventory. We're loaded up with the best quality rain gear that's ready to ship at the lowest prices available.

  • ML Kishigo's New Heavy Duty Mossy Oak Infinity Safety Vest

    ml kishigo mossy oak safety vestIf you tend to regularly sport ML Kishigo on the job, then you know it's a trusted brand that's well known for producing high-quality safety garments. With some of the most popular vests, jackets and pants in the industry it's no surprise that they're on the cutting edge of hi vis workplace safety.
    This time, they've really outdone themselves. New to the lineup this year is the ML Kishigo Heavy Duty Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity Vest. What's so good about it? A lot of things.
    First off, this new product offers unique, stylish looks like nothing we've seen before on the hi-vis market. Crafted from Ultra-Cool polyester mesh, the vest features a Mossy Oak Camouflage lower section. Not only does it look cool, it also hides dirt and grease in a high contact area. Also, this safety vest is loaded with features. Let's take a look!
    • It's an ANSI Class 2 compliant vest, and meets ANSI/SEA 107 specifications to ensure you're getting the high visibility protection you need on the job site.

    • The vest features a zipper front closure system that provides durability and a consistent & secure fit.

    • The 2-inch high visibility reflective striping is breathable, meaning better airflow and comfort is achieved without compromising visibility.

    • High visibility reflective trimmed edges provide additional visibility.

    • The left chest of this vest is equipped with a microphone tab, allowing for convenient and easy hands-free communication. This is perfect for communication with equipment operators and other crew members when working in a loud and/or expansive workplace.

    • You can never have enough storage. Luckily, ML Kishigo knows this and fitted this safety vest accordingly. It has outer cargo pockets with flaps, dual-tier pencil pockets, a radio or cell phone pocket and a heavy duty inside pocket that's large enough to securely hold an iPad or tablet.
    If none of the above persuades you to sport the Heavy Duty Mossy Oak Safety Vest this year, you can simply purchase it for it's good looks. And if that's the case, you should be quite pleased with the features it has to offer.

  • High Visibility: Prismatic Tape vs. Glass Bead

    prismatic tape vs glass beadsThere are two types of retro-reflective materials available that meet the ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Standard on High Visibility Safety Apparel: Silver Glass Bead retro-reflective material and Prismatic retro-reflective material.
    The silver glass bead material is flexible, lightweight and can be a good solution for many kinds of work environments. The reflectivity (light returned to the headlights) is accomplished using microscopic glass spheres embedded either in a heat activated adhesive or on fabric. One of the drawbacks of this technology is its ability to perform well when under wet conditions where it can lose most of its reflectivity when wet. In fact, its visibility simply starts disappearing before your eyes – and more importantly, to oncoming traffic. Water causes the reflective optics to scatter the light, rather than reflect it back to an approaching motorist – when visibility is most critical. Additionally, the glass beads are not protected from abrasion and are easily worn away by contact with seatbelts and normal work tasks.
    Prismatic retro-reflective material (PRM) is a different technology that utilizes thousands of micro-prisms that are protected by a transparent plastic film. Prismatic retro-reflective materials are far more efficient at returning light to drivers’ headlights than glass beaded products. They perform exceptionally well under wet conditions and avoid abrasion because of this protective layer. One of the drawbacks with PRM’s can be experienced under extremely cold conditions. Like any vinyl material, it can become stiffer than glass beaded material. In addition it is heavier than traditional glass beaded material. Prismatic materials are available in fluorescent colors for added visibility during dusk, dawn, and inclement weather conditions when additional conspicuity is most important.
    Before you determine which material to use, do a quick analysis of your use and then base your decision on the performance characteristics of the material. Very simply – if you work under wet conditions, or experience a lot of abrasion in your job (baggage handler) then chances are you’d be much better off using prismatic reflective material. If your primary objective is lightweight and durability and wet conditions are not an issue, you’re probably better off with glass beaded material.

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