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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Stay Warm to Stay Productive at Work this Winter

    hi vis for winterWith winter right around the corner, it's that time of the year that many of you are beginning to dread. Now that the long hot days of summer have passed, you're able to enjoy a small break of mild weather right now before venturing right back into the bitterly cold temperatures of winter. While it's generally of no importance to those working in warmer climates, those in the mid to northern states will begin to feel the brunt of it in the coming months.
    If your job requires working outside or even in certain types of indoor environments, you're going to be bundling up towards the end of October as the temperatures begin to plummet. Those early morning hours start to become reminiscent of stepping into an icebox and suddenly, going to work just doesn't seem to be as tolerable as it once was. While nobody enjoys being uncomfortable cold all day, there are definitely steps to take that will increase your comfort and productivity during even the coldest of days this winter.
    Many people choose to bundle up with layer after layer of undergarments and clothing, only to end up to hot after they raise their heart rate and their body temperature begins to rise. The situation usually results in either stripping off a layer of clothing or simply leaving them all on and dealing with excessive sweating. Not only is this unnecessary but it causes fluctuations in your internal temperature, making you more susceptible to colds. Additionally, if high visibility safety vest or other gear is required then you're going to have to wear that apparel on top of your existing clothing which reduces comfort and agility. None of this sounds like any fun; it's not. But there's another option.
    Lately, manufacturers have really increased the production of ANSI compliant high visibility and/or reflective safety apparel that's specifically designed for working outdoors during the winter months. Chances are that you've probably seen it before. From thermal bibs and pants to bomber jackets, parkas, gloves and headwear, there's and abundance of products available to you that offer a variety of benefits besides warmth.
    Taking the comfort of the worker into consideration, you're going to get a lot more than a bright orange jacket with a massive reflective stripe on it - the days of those products are dwindling. Instead, you're going to see innovations like removable and/or reversible liners and shells, detachable hoods, radio pockets, storage pockets, and specialty front pockets that are fleece lined or ideal for placing hand warmers. Many of these products are equipped with strategically placed vents which are flapped, allowing excessive heat to escape while keeping a comfortable temperature and protecting you from the wind. Most are windproof and water resistant and some products even have microphone clips and ID holders to increase productivity and communication for foremen or any worker who's operating in extremely loud or spacious work environments.
    Aside from the comfort factors, safety is also of importance. There's definitely no shortage of ANSI compliant winter work gear, regardless of what your duties entail. From non-ANSI reflective apparel to Class 2, Class 3 and even FR rated, you can be sure to find something that's ideal for your situation.
    Ask yourself, is it really better to deal with the hassle of multiple layers of clothing, discomfort and decreased safety on the job? Would you prefer to be less productive and cold for 5 moths straight? Are you okay with risking your safety? Probably not. So why deal with it?
    Specialty designed winter safety gear offers the best protection, optimal comfort and maximum visibility on the job. Many of these products are also manufactured from rip-stop fabrics and contain taped and sealed seams to prevent penetration of wind and water which only goes to show that they're truly made to perform, not just retain heat.
    HiVis Supply, we stock a complete line of winter safety gear from the top manufacturers in the industry. We offer w wide variety of sizes, styles and colors at our everyday low prices, allowing you to save on the ideal application for your profession. Check out all of our high visibility winter safety gear today, so you can spend the winter focusing on your job instead of the temperature.

  • Natural Colors of Autumn Can Reduce Worker Visibility and Safety

    fall hi vis safetyAs the days get cooler and the leaves begin to change to their beautiful fall colors, the enhanced visibility offered by your safety vest can be reduced significantly.
    The bright orange, lime and yellow hues that stuck out like a sore thumb during the winter, sumer and spring can blend right in with the vibrant colors of fall, practically acting as a camouflage instead of the extra protection they're designed for.
    While it may not apply to people in certain professions or those residing and working in southern states, it's definitely a legitimate concern that most workers and employers are going to overlook.
    The changing colors of the fall season is an issue that might not affect offshore workers, factory workers or emergency personnel, but it's definitely going to lower the visibility of people like park officials, loggers, surveyors, tree climbers and those in similar positions who will be exposed to the type of environment where their high visibility gear suddenly turns into a low visibility danger.
    I'm guessing that many of you, even those of you who fall into the 'at risk category' have never considered the factor of bright fall leaves as a safety hazard. Although the hazard is only temporary, it's definitely something you'll want to share with your employer and/or coworkers. If you're an employer, you should consider addressing the issue to ensure the utmost safety of your employees.
    Fortunately, there are many manufacturers who have created high visibility safety gear for this reason and similar issues. For example, the ML Kishigo Black Series offers ANSI Class protection that will offer a huge increase of visibility over the traditional lime, orange or yellow colors that we've all came to trust.
    Another option for those unable to find a vest that offers adequate contrast to the changing colors of fall leaves is to upgrade to a higher class of ANSI compliance such as ANSI Class 3 safety vests. The Class 3 products are going to offer the highest level of visibility which partially makes up for the visibility that's lost with the reduction in contrast.
    The Viking 300d Safety Jacket and vest are other great examples, which are all black and still offer both ANSI and FR protection. Garments like these are going to offer the maximum visibility in a natural fall environment.
    Be safe out there this season! Never neglect your personal safety or the safety of your co-workers or employees in the workplace, it's just not worth it. Staying visible allows you to focus on your job without the added worries of whether or not you can be seen by motorists, co-workers and equipment operators.

  • ANSI Class Compliance and Multiple Class Requirements on the Job

    multiple ansi class requirementsIf you work in a dangerous or risky environment, you're probably no stranger to high visibility gear. At the very least (and depending on your job requirements), you probably don a simple safety vest on the job. Alternatively, if you're working with certain chemicals or in hazardous environments, you might be required to wear non-ANSI protective gear.
    Regardless of what you're protecting yourself from on the job, there's always certain standard requirements that must be met. This could be reflectivity, chemical resistance or fire retardant properties - and along with these requirements comes different levels of protection (depending on the work environment) and therefor different standards that are required to maintain compliance.
    As an example, ANSI Class 2 requires a certain level of reflectivity which is rated by the actual amount of reflective material the garment contains. ANSI Class 3 uses the same principal, yet requires a higher amount of reflectivity meaning an increased amount of reflective material is required to meet compliance.
    The concept is pretty easy to understand, especially if you've been working in your field for a while and are familiar with the specific safety requirements of your job. But what about when those requirements change?
    In some fields, there are multiple standards of compliance depending on the duty being performed. Many times these are ignored or met with confusion and while it may not be intentional, many workers risk their safety each day without actually realizing it.
    A common situation is when certain areas of a job site require a lower standard of protection than other areas, yet there are many workers who travel throughout the site performing different duties. They might be required to wear high visibility or non-ANSI safety vests in one area, while workers in higher traffic areas require ANSI Class 2 gear to meet compliance standards. The misconception in this situation is that workers from the lower traffic areas might assume they're protected for their specific job description, but their safety gear doesn't actually meet the requirements for the higher traffic area of the job site, regardless of the duty they're performing. While this sort of scenario might not seem to be a big deal, it puts the workers at greater risk by decreasing their safety and increasing the chances of an accident.
    Road workers are another one of the many professionals whose safety requirements change on the job. If they're working long hours into the night, they're going to have to meet the ANSI requirements for night time road work, regardless of whether or not they normally work at night. So in a situation where construction is running behind and long hours or overnight shifts are required, you might have workers out there who aren't used to wiring after dark and aren't equipped with gear that meets the minimal safety standards.
    What about your job? Are there certain times when your duties, even if rarely, require a different level of safety than the typical or most commonly performed duties that you partake in? Are there times when even if for a shirt period, you're in a situation where your safety gear doesn't meet the standards for that particular task or environment? If so, you're only putting yourself at risk.
    Think about it, and think about the importance of safety on the job. After all, it's a job. Do you really want to risk serious injury or death while at work? The whole point of work is to be able to support yourself so you can enjoy life, and neglecting safety on the job is like neglecting the importance of your life.
    If you work in changing environments, consider picking up the extra gear to ensure that you can always meet the minimal safety standards. If possible, consider purchasing gear that meets the highest requirements available or gear that's a level above what's required to ensure that you're always meeting and exceeding the standards instead of occasionally falling below them.
    HiVis Supply carries a complete line of high visibility safety gear and apparel from the top brand names to meet any level of compliance necessary. From safety vests, hard hats and gloves to rain gear, winter gear and more. We have the top quality products you need to remain visible, safe and comfortable on the job, including all classes of ANSI/ISEA 107 compliant gear. Visit our website now to check out our massive inventory and save with our guaranteed everyday low prices. Your safety can't afford to wait, it should always be the top priority.

  • Winter in the Workplace and Cold Weather Safety

    winter work wearThe end of summer surely offers a sigh of relief for those who've endured those brutally hot and muggy days working outdoors over the last couple of months. With the season's change comes a short stretch of cool fall weather before the opposite extreme inevitably sets in; winter.
    While many might prefer to work in the scorching heat of summer as compared to the bitterly cold months of winter, not everyone is fortunate enough to have that choice - and just as working in the hot summer sun calls for special attention to safety, so does working in the frigid winter air. Instead of worrying about hydration and body temperature to reduce the chances of heat exhaustion or stroke, the focus for the cold weather months is staying warm and the protection of your extremities from frost bite. Along with the brutally cold temperatures comes the additional dangers of ice and snow, which is particularly important when performing road work near high traffic areas or to those operating heavy equipment.
    Of course one of the most important factors to working outdoors during the winter is to stay warm, so proper clothing is key. However, piling on layer after layer of heavy clothing isn't always the best solution. Too much clothing can cause excessive sweating and reduced mobility, not to mention the annoyance and difficulty of wearing high visibility apparel over your already bulky clothing. Thankfully, there are plenty of manufacturers who've designed work wear that delivers maximum protection from the elements while offering the enhanced safety of high visibility apparel.
    At HiVis Supply, we carry a wide range of winter work wear from the top brand names in the industry. From insulated bibs and overprints to bomber jackets, parkas, work gloves, hats and more, we have everything you'll need to stay warm and visible all season long. This includes a variety of ANSI compliant winter wear for class 1, 2, 3, and even FR as well as non-ANSI garments.
    Our large inventory and everyday low prices allow you to browse hundreds of products and find the perfect gear for your job at a price you can afford. Not only will you be warm and comfortable on the job, you'll retain maximum mobility and enhanced safety each time you step out into the workplace. With proper protection from the weather you can focus your energy on more important things, like your work.
    Get a head start on winter this year. Stay safe, keep warm and save money by visiting our website to check out our high visibility winter work wear. When the cold weather hits, you'll be glad you did!

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