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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • JSP Evolution Deluxe Hard Hat - Better Technology is Better Protection

    evolution deluxe hard hatIf your occupation requires you to wear a hard hat while at work, you might want to take a look at the Evolution Deluxe 6151 by JSP. Not only is this model aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable than a traditional hard hat, but it also offers an all-around better level of protection.
    The Evolution Deluxe hard Hat is ANSI Type I Class C and is a 6-pt model. It features a textile webbing harness, wheel ratchet, a vented shell to help keep you cooler by increasing air circulation and reducing sweat, and raised channels which run across the top of the helmet to lend increased strength.
    The 6-point suspension system provides greater impact absorption from falling debris or blunt force, thereby reducing the chance of serious injury and/or head trauma. The evolution's wheel ratchet is user friendly and creates a comfortable fit while the 3D adjustment allows you to adjust the harness depth for an even more precise fitting.
    While the vented version is ANSI Class C compliant, there is also the option for a non-vented version which is ANSI Class E compliant. The Class E is rated as
    The Evolution Deluxe hard Hat is made from High Density Polyethylene, or HDPE, and is available with both a standard or short brim. In all models, the brow pad or sweatband is manufactured from a Chamion Egyptian Cotton core with a porous Polyurethane coating that is not only PH neutral, but dermatologically tested. It also meets the requirements for reverse donning (you can wear it backwards and still meet full safety requirements) and is rated for lower temperatures (LT). The hat is equipped with universal slots that are made to fit various accessories as well.
    This is a one size fits all hat that is fully adjustable and comes ready to wear with absolutely no assembly required. It's a high-quality, high-performance hard hat that can and will greatly reduce the risk of serious injury in certain situations when used correctly.
    Consider for a moment that even though your old hard hat is ANSI Compliant, it might not offer the same level of protection. This is true, simply because a more precise fit provides better shock absorption and resistance to accidental slipping or movement of the hard hat during an impact. Then, consider the price of the Evolution Deluxe 6151 - it's only $12.32! Wouldn't you prefer that extra bit of confidence knowing that you're head is as safe as it can be for less than a meager $15?
    If you take your job seriously, than you should take all aspects of your profession seriously. Therefor, while working in a dangerous or risky environment safety needs to remain an important aspect of your profession - and while any old hard hat is a improvement over wearing nothing at all, the JSP Evolution Deluxe is a huge improvement over just any old hard hat.
    HiVis Supply offers this model in a variety of colors for your specific preference or job requirements. You owe it to yourself to be as safe as possible at work because if something happens and you're not properly protected, you just might incur an injury that could prevent you from working altogether.
    Check out the JSP Evolution Deluxe 6151 Hard Hat today at Hivis Supply. You'll be glad you did. It's a sound investment in your safety at the workplace and the continued success of your career.

  • Increase Safety at Work with High Visibility Gloves

    hi vis work glovesMany people whose occupations require high visibility safety gear tend to work in a rather tough environment. From roadwork and construction to concrete and utility work, you're out in the elements all day and usually handling heavy materials. You already have a hard hat, work boots, a safety vest and other necessities, but what about gloves?
    At HiVis supply, we haven't forgotten about the often overlooked yet continuously overworked and highly important - hands. Whether you're trying to prevent blisters from shoveling, burns from hot asphalt, cuts and scrapes from repeatedly handling rough materials or just looking for extra gripping capability for wet conditions, we have the perfect products to keep your hands protected and dry.
    Our inventory of work gloves includes an assortment of gloves for different applications. We carry general purpose leather-palmed work gloves, mechanics gloves, miner's gloves, impact reducing gloves, heavy equipment driving gloves, thermal waterproof gloves and more.
    Aside from providing protection for your hands, work gloves offer increased gripping strength. This is particularly important when working with wet, greasy or heavy items. Gloves also decrease the chance of lost grip from sweaty hands. Since safety is a top priority, the extra gripping strength helps to prevent accidents that can occur from a myriad of situations in the workplace. For example, accidental loss of grip when operating equipment, holding heavy items or using power tools could cause serious injury to yourself, your co-workers or those working around you.
    Some of our more specialized gloves such as miners or mechanics gloves provide additional reinforcement for the knuckles and top of the hands. These innovations not only help to prevent cuts and scrapes but also to reduce impact and aid in the prevention of puncture wounds or broken bones. Often, a broken or badly lacerated finger or hand would mean you're unable to work for an extended period, which could result in lost wages and unnecessary medical costs.
    Due to the risks associated with your job and since your fingers and hands are highly vulnerable, your best bet is to stay protected. Check out our complete line of high visibility work gloves today, and have a safer day tomorrow.

  • When it Comes to Your Safety, You Can Trust the Brand Names

    hi vis safety gearAt work, high visibility gear protects you from many common dangers while greatly increasing your visibility. Day in and day out, it assists you in the prevention of accidents, injury and even death in the workplace. It's a part of your job, a requirement, and a measure that's been put into place not only to protect you, but your co-workers as well.
    We notice that many times, in many situations, workers are equipped with old, outdated or worn out safety vests and gear that are not nearly as capable of accident and injury prevention as it originally was. This can be due to several factors such as extremely rough, rugged or dirty work environments, inattentive employers, budget cuts and more. Regardless, safety should always come first.
    Whether safety gear is provided by employers or the responsibility of each worker to provide their own, nobody should have to cut corners or choose a less than desirable option for financial reasons.
    While many people see high visibility gear as nothing more than a requirement, others take workplace safety very seriously. While we understand the points of view from both sides, there's one thing we can definitely assure you - quality gear from a quality brand will outlast and outperform similar safety garments of lesser quality.
    Generally speaking, the safety gear that costs more is going to be a higher quality product. Unlike designer shoes or clothing, you're not just paying for a name or a logo, you're paying for quality. Since ANSI class apparel has to meet certain requirements, you can rest assured that a vest with a higher price tag will lend better abrasion resistance, a nicer fit and of course more reliable reflectivity - all which helps to increase your safety and performance on the job.
    While we don't want to sound contradictory to ourselves, hi vis apparel is one case where the brand name DOES matter. Companies who consistently produce gear at the lowest cost possible will likely barely meet ANSI safety requirements, which remember, are the MINIMUM requirements. On the other hand, a company who produces a piece of quality manufactured safety gear likely has a significant amount of time, research, and money invested into creating products that are highly effective. These quality made products are easily going to outperform the cheaper alternatives in nearly every aspect, which overall actually makes them more economical in the long run.
    Instead of buying the cheapest gear you can find, take a minute to think about your safety, the safety of your co-workers or the safety of your employees. It only takes a single accident to change things forever. Are you willing to risk your safety, your life, or the safety of others just to save a few dollars? Once that cheap gear wears out it's not only ineffective but it means that it needs to be replaced because it no longer meets the specifications for complying with ANSI requirements.
    The next time you need to purchase safety gear, look at your options. Look at the new technology that's available including the strong, puncture resistant ripstop materials, FR or fire resistant fabrics, and high tech reflective technology offered by certain brand name innovators. Get the gear that will protect you at your specific job in the best way possible and don't be tempted to cut corners because it could cost you your life.
    HiVis Supply carries an immense inventory of high visibility safety gear and apparel from the top, most trusted brand names as well as up and coming smaller companies who put a genuine focus on quality and performance. Shop our inventory today and save with the lowest prices available on the best gear offered anywhere.

  • Enter to Win a Summer Survival Kit!

    summer survival kitIf you've been a fan of our facebook page, you'd know that we've been running a product giveaway for the last few months. At the beginning of each month we choose a product and ask you to fill out a very short form to enter. At the end of that month, we randomly choose a and announce.
    For our last giveaway in the month of June, we gave away a VIKING Journeyman 300D FR Surveyor's Safety Vest. The month before that, in May, we gave away an Ergodyne Low Profile Hydration Pack and in April, we gave away a pair of Bolle Hustler Polarized Safety Sunglasses.
    This month, for July, we figured we should giveaway something geared toward workers who are constantly battling the heat while working outdoors or in extreme indoor environments. Thus, the Summer Survival Kit was born.
    The Summer Survival Kit is a package containing a handful of very useful products that make working in the heat much more comfortable and bearable. We tried to put something together that would be an all-around answer to the stresses of working in those high summer temperatures, and we think we've achieved that. The Summer Survival Kit includes a little bit of everything, including:
    - 1 pair of Bolle Lowrider Safety Glasses
    - 1 Ergodyne CHILL-ITS Cooling Hat
    - 1 Ergodyne CHILL-ITS Cooling Towel
    - 1 Ergodyne CHILL-ITS Cooling Bandana
    - 1 Package of Sqwincher Squeeze Pops
    - 1 Package of Sqwincher Kwik Sticks
    As you can see, the Summer Survival Kit contains cooling hat, eye protection, a cooling towel, a cooling bandana and some electrolyte packed refreshments to help you stay hydrated while performing the most strenuous tasks. The cooling gear from Ergodyne is water-activated and uses high performance fabrics that help keep you cool all day long.
    The only thing better that we could think of to keep you cool and comfortable is a paid day off from work, relaxing in the A/C; but unfortunately we can't offer you that. What we can offer you though, is a chance to win this great gear for free!
    To enter to win, head over to our facebook page and click on the HiVis Supply Giveaway Tab. Or, simply CLICK HERE. There you'll find a very short and simple form that you can fill out which will automatically enter you to win. Be sure to enter today, and be sure to stay cool this summer!

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