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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • Rain Gear for All Seasons and Occupations

    ripstop safety gearWet weather occurs all year round, in all climates, from the rainy spring and summer seasons throughout fall and into the winter. Regardless of your geographical location, precipitation is something that just can't be avoided.
    For those of us who work outdoors the rain can become a major nuisance, delaying and often preventing work altogether until the weather dries up. In some occupations, however, work goes on through the rain, sleet or snow. This is especially common with certain types of construction and utility work, not to mention in emergency situations. From flooding and broken water mains to downed electrical lines and roadwork, there is often no choice but to deal with the weather and keep on working.
    Thankfully we have products and practices that make working in wet weather just a bit more bearable - and one thing that's a must have on that list for enduring the elements is rain gear. More specifically, high visibility rain gear. Many of the occupations that require the work to continue during the rain are the same occupations that require high visibility safety gear to be worn. Is it just a coincidence? No.
    Jobs that require workers to perform regardless of the weather are usually the type of occupations that are already dangerous and/or critical to infrastructure. These include electrical line workers, road construction, emergency response, police officers, truck driving and much, much more. Due to the dangerous or risky nature of these jobs hi vis safety clothing is required as a precaution, and due to the high importance of these jobs and the public reliance on them, they are forced to work outdoors regardless of what mother nature does. High Visibility rain gear meets two needs for individuals who work in these fields. First, it protects them from that elements and provides dryness and comfort. Second, it provides increased visibility that meets or exceeds the ANSI standards that have been set forth for their occupational duties.
    High Visibility Rain Gear is available in nearly every ANSI class, including FR rated clothing. From bibs and jackets to hats, suits and boots, there is always a comfortable and effective solution available. Made from waterproof materials, rain gear is reinforced internally at the seams with tapes and/or sealants to provide a 100% waterproof barrier from rain, melting snow, standing water and the like.
    There are many styles and variations of high visibility rain gear available - it isn't limited to just the old vinyl jacket and pants that come to mind when you imagine a rain suit. Manufacturers have adopted ideas that improve comfort, functionality, accessibility and storage in these garments to appeal to the customer, sonic they'll be the one spending the work day wearing it. Options such as waterproof cell phone pockets, adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs, waterproof zippers and more have emerged since the days of galoshes and rain ponchos. These innovations are what make it possible for workers to dig, climb and use machinery just as effectively as if they were wearing their normal work gear. The same hi vis reflective striping and materials are also employed, and sometimes with added reflectivity because of the extra decrease in visibility during rainy weather.
    If you work outdoors in wet weather, you owe it to yourself to look into purchasing some quality rain wear. Even if it's only used for a week out of the year, it's a worthwhile investment. Being safe at work is important, and so is comfort. Stay visible, dry and confident with apparel that's made to stand up to the harshest weather you can imagine. Check out our complete inventory of high visibility rain gear today.

  • Ripstop Fabrics for Safety Apparel

    ripstop safety gearIn the world of high visibility, there's nothing better than well made, durable apparel that can stand up to the plentiful and frequent abuses of the workplace. From rough corners and sharp edges to abrasive materials and gritty finishes, there seems to be a never-ending supply of brutal wear and tear being delivered directly to your work gear. With high visibility gear this can be especially bothersome because many garments are made of lightweight materials for added comfort and breathability. Luckily, there's some good news and it's called ripstop fabric.
    Ripstop fabric is woven from nylon and is manufactured using a specialty weave pattern technique. During the process, thicker reinforcement threads are woven into the fabric in a crosshatch formation. These added threads act similar to a frame or fencepost (if you will), providing additional tensile strength to the otherwise regular material. The result is a fabric that's highly resistant to rips, tears, scrapes, cuts and and abrasions.
    Ripstop material is used in the manufacture of products that require lightweight yet heavy duty durability such as parachutes, tents, hot air balloons, flags, yacht sails and more. The fabric is available for other uses aside from lightweight fabrics and can be made with different strengths, thicknesses and colors. It can also be treated and has often been made resistant to water or fire as well as completely water or fire proof.
    Due to the additional time required to manufacture ripstop fabrics, the garments that are made from them are generally more expensive than typical garments. However, when it comes to hi vis gear, the additional cost is well worth it in most people's opinion because the extreme durability is more beneficial than purchasing a cheaper garment that needs to be replaced at regular intervals.
    High visibility work gear made with ripstop materials are ideal for the workplaces where hi vis apparel is used or required such as warehouses, construction sites, and general labor. When working in these environments, the exposure to dangerous an damaging materials is increases and so ripstop materials can be a huge benefit; not to mention the fact that the added resistance to punctures, tears and cuts can help protect your skin and prevent injury in many situations.

    If you're looking for durability, increased personal protection and a great overall value from your high visibility work apparel, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing products made from ripstop materials. You won't be disappointed.
    At HiVis Supply, we offer several products that are made from ripstop materials. These include safety vests, work pants/bibs, jackets, windbreakers and even a hi vis ripstop bomber jacket. To browse all of our High Vis gear made from ripstop materials, click here.

  • High Visibility Safety Vests - Not Just for Roadworkers

    You're driving down the highway and off to the side of the road you see workers. They might be building a new exit ramp, installing signage or even cleaning up trash along the roadside. One thing that's for sure is they'l be wearing a bright colored high visibility vest or clothing of some sort.
    When we see those high visibility vests, often called hi vis vests, we naturally think of construction or road workers. While working on a high rise building or next to speeding traffic, we expect to see workers wearing them because they create awareness, raise visibility and improve safety - it's common sense. However, there are also a lot of other situations where hi vis vests are used on a daily basis for the same reasons. Behind the scenes, hundreds of thousands of workers each day are adorned in bright colored reflective safety apparel that helps them perform their job duties while putting them at a lower risk for accidents and injuries.
    At first thought, you might not even be able to name a handful of jobs where hi vis vests and safety gear is used; and since there are so many, we've created a list to help you understand just how important their role is in protecting workers and preventing accidents. While there's too many to list entirely, here's a small sample of the various jobs where they're utilized.
    warehouse workers
    delivery truck drivers
    roadway construction workers
    utility workers
    emergency responders
    shopping cart retrieversrefinery personnel
    utility workers
    heavy equipment operators
    general laborers
    offshore rig workers
    oil workers
    railroad workers
    emergency response personnel
    rescue workers
    salvage workers
    foundry workers
    crossing guards
    racetrack personnel
    factory workers
    hazardous material handlers
    security guards
    firearms instructors
    ….and many, many more!
    Any place where you can find a hazardous condition, heavy machinery, chemicals, dangerous landscapes, motorists, low-light conditions, extreme weather or moving parts, you can expect to see some sort of high visibility clothing on any workers who are in the area.
    High visibility safety vests and apparel help to drastically reduce incidents, accidents and injuries that occur because of large objects, obstructed vision and other similar situations. The list above is only a small sample of occupations where hi vis gear is utilized, yet the uses are practically endless. Whether you're an employer or an employee, high visibility clothing and apparel could play a critical part in the well being of yourself or your business. If your workplace can benefit from mandating the use of high visibility apparel, consider adopting a plan that will be beneficial to everyone. Sit down with your employer, or call a meeting with your employees and discuss the safety benefits that hi vis clothing might be able to offer to individuals and your company.
    For more information, product advice or to simply browse our inventory to familiarize yourself with the different types of high visibility safety gear, visit our website today at

  • FR Safety Vests - Hi Vis, Low Flammability

    avoid and prevent heat stress at workThe FR safety vest is a high visibility ANSI Class vest that meets the additional and very strict standards of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).
    The letters "FR", stand for fire resistant, flame resistant or fire retardant. FR vests are not 100% fireproof, however, they are much more resistant to flames and sparks than the typical ANSI Class safety vest.

    Why FR?

    While they're not meant for long-term direct exposure to open flames, FR safety vests are highly useful where occasional or short term exposure may occur. They're also ideal for situations where workers are constantly exposed to embers, sparks or materials that are under extreme temperatures which could easily ignite a more flammable material. A few examples where the FR safety vest would be beneficial to workers is when their job duties require cutting or sawing of metals, welding, foundry work, exposure to high voltages or controlled burning. They are often also used as an extra preventative measure for fire officials, police and emergency response personnel as there's no telling what type of situation their duties may require them to tend to.

    What's the difference?

    It's important to know and be aware of the differences that can be encountered when choosing and FR safety vest because they're not all rated the same. ASTM rated FR vests are made from materials that are inherently flame resistant, while NFPA rated vests are generally treated with flame resistant chemicals or coatings. Usually, a FR vest will meet both standards, but there are occasions when you'll find an FR vest that only meets one or the other. Additionally, not every FR vest adheres to the same ANSI class standards, so be sure to clearly understand what compliance standards need to be met and then purchase accordingly.

    Increasing Popularity

    The FR safety vest is becoming more and more popular in the workplace. As safety concerns continue to take growing priority, preventative measures have increased and thus the demand for FR safety gear continues to increase. As we stated earlier, many professions require workers to be involved in scenarios that are ever-changing; therefor the FR vest is an additional measure of caution for when there's even the slightest chance that fire may pose a threat. A few industries that have adopted this methodology is the oil industry, shipyards, and utility workers.

    Plenty of Options

    FR safety vests are a bit more expensive than a regular vest, yet are still available in plenty of style and colors with varying options. There are FR surveyors vests, breakaway vests, incident command vests, police vests and more.
    If high visibility is a job requirement, consider if an FR rated vest can offer you additional protection. Nobody plans to have an accident but it's better to be prepared for the worst. The added protection just might turnout to be a lifesaver someday.
    Visit our FR Safety Vests page to view a complete selection of fire resistant vests today.

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