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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • National Work Zone Awareness Week 2013

    National Work Zone Awareness Week 2013

    work zone awareness week
    This April 15-19 is National Work Zone Awareness Week, or NWZAW. This is held every year to raise national awareness for motorists about the importance road worker safety and mobility in work zones. The event has been coordinated and sponsored by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the American Traffic Safety Services Asociation (ATSSA) since 1999, and many other transportation related organizations have joined the effort in recent years. While this is a nationally based event, state and local authorities have also been known to hold their own awareness events.
    This year, the main focus of NWZAW will be to highlight work zone complications and complexities, and the dire need for group planning which incorporates all those who are involved with or affected by work zones. This includes DOT officials, road workers, inspectors, cyclists, motorists, public transportation workers, pedestrians, law enforcement, emergency response and utility workers to name a few.
    During 2003-2007, 639 workers were killed in the US while performing road construction work, with 50% of those were the direct result of being struck by mortorists or heavy equipment. In 2011, transportation incidents accounted for more than 2 out of 5 fatal work injuries, with 57% of those being roadway accidents involving motor vehicles. And while the number of motorists increases each year, it's a growing problem and awareness is critical.
    If your business or occupation involves the risks of roadway safety, we encourage you to help raise awareness of NWZAW with your employees or co-workers because every little bit can help to save lives. Learn more HERE.
    HiVis Supply carries a wide array of high visibility safety vests, clothing and apparel. We sell to consumers as well as in bulk and have an enormous selection from the top name brands you trust. Visit us today at where you can browse and buy at discount prices.

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  • CoolMedics Cooling Rehab Bucket

    coolmedics rehab bucketThis summer - as it does every summer - the heat will get dangerous. Each year during the summer months in the US, 1,300 people die from heat-related circumstances. High temperatures, low ventilation, overexertion, dehydration and existing conditions such as cardiovascular disease and kidney disease are among the leading causes of deaths during periods of extreme heat. The most unfortunate part is that it's nearly always preventable, especially with a little education.
    When the temperatures shoot up to dangerous levels, it's critical to have the ability to keep cool. This applies to a plethora of situations, from work to home and everywhere in between. While most people are very aware that the extreme cold can kill you rather quickly if you're unprepared, they don't lend the same sense of urgency to extreme heat. This is a major issue, because unlike hypothermia, the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke often seem to sneak up out of nowhere. While one minute you can be maintaining a comfortable semi-strenuous exercise, the next minute your heart could stop. This can happen to anyone, regardless of how healthy or conditioned they may think they are. When it's time for a break, you need to listen to your body. It's a risk that's not worth taking.
    The manufacturers at PIP have addressed the problem of heat-related emergencies head on by designing the ultimate in prevention and first aid. From their line of CoolMedics Heat Stress accessories they have introduced the CoolMedics Rehab Bucket.
    The CoolMedics Rehab Bucket is the ideal cooling kit that should be carried by every outdoor work crew, every emergency response vehicle, and in every workplace where employees risk prolonged exposure to excessive heat.
    The bucket contains the following items that can be used in an emergency, as well as for preventative measures when mild symptoms of heat stroke and or heat exhaustion begin to occur.
    - 1 cooling Blanket
    - 1 Neck Cooler
    - 1 Cooling Cap
    - 1 Cooling Vest
    - 1 Bucket (bucket doubles as a water container to activate the contents)
    All items included in the CoolMedics Rehab Bucket use special technology designed to deliver maximum cooling power to the body. These items are constructed by a 3-layer fabric which uses hydrophilic fibers to form a fibrous core and a thermally conductive lining. Activated by water, these items are simple to use - just soak for 15 seconds, shake off excess water and apply. While the outer fabric will dry, the inner fabric will provide cooling power for up to 8 hours.
    In a situation where someone has or is about to suffer from heat related illness, these items can be removed from the bucket and the bucket then filled with water. All items can be immediately immersed and applied to help safely reduce body temperature. Whether it's a slight case of overheating or heat exhaustion requiring emergency medical attention, the Cooling Rehab Bucket from CoolMedics can offer the immediate assistance that makes the difference between life and death. This cooling kit is ideal for temporary treatment during situations where emergency responders have been dispatched, as it's critical to cool the body and ensure heart & brain function.
    Don't become a statistic of heat-related death when you don't have to. If you're an employer, a laborer or a public service official, it's important to be aware of the risks, as well as prepared. Stay hydrated, don't overexert yourself, and be sure to take a break when your body tells you its time. As a backup for the worst case scenario, purchase the CoolMedics Rehab Bucket today. While the product is not an excuse to ignore the excessive heat, it just might be the solution that saves a life.

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  • Avoid Heat Stress in the Workplace

    working in the heatAnyone who works outside, especially during the summer months, will tell you just how challenging it can be. When the temperatures rise, your body has to work harder, you sweat more and you lose fluids more quickly. This is especially true for labor intensive work in direct sunlight. It is not uncommon for individuals to push themselves and focus on completing a task, ultimately denying or delaying themselves proper hydration or a break. For many who have found out the hard way, this is not a good idea. In hot environments your body can lose fluids at a rapid rate, causing sudden heat exhaustion or heat stroke if not addressed. In some extreme cases, it even leads to death. In other words, staying cool and hydrated is extremely important when you're physically active in the heat.
    As a supplier of high visibility clothing and safety gear, we understand just how important comfort is, especially when working outdoors in extreme heat. If you're not prepared and fail to take precautions, work can be downright miserable. However, if you understand the risks and take proper preventative measures, you're body is completely capable of performing in these circumstances. There's a large selection of specialty heat stress products that have been designed specifically for indoor/outdoor use in high-heat environments. The products available use all sorts of different materials and technologies to keep you cool, comfortable and safe throughout the work day, allowing you to take your mind off the heat and focus on your work.
    Sweat Absorbent Products
    Sweat Absorbent materials do two things. First they absorb sweat, then they dissipate the moisture rapidly thanks to their lightweight and quick drying fabrics. Removing the sweat away from your skin allows for better contact with the air which helps to keep you cool and dry throughout the day, making working conditions more comfortable.
    There's plenty of sweat absorbent products to choose from, mostly consisting of headwear such as hats, caps, bandanas, dew rags, skullcaps and sweat bands.
    Evaporative Cooling Products
    Evaporative cooling products are the ultimate in cooling protection. These products use next-generation materials that are usually water activated. The materials contain specialized polymers and cooling fibers that lock in moisture, yet feel dry to the touch. To use, you simply soak or place the item under running water for a specified amount of time and then wear. The water that's locked into the fibers evaporates slowly and efficiently, which produces a cooling effect and helps lower body heat. Certain evaporative cooling products use triple-layer technology with high-tech fleece cores covered with microfiber shells. These are the best performing cooling products available as the cooling effect can last days, and sometime up to a whole week depending on ambient temperatures. When the cooling power is diminished the item can easily be re-used by reactivating it with water.
    Evaporative cooling technology has influenced a wide array of safety products that help defeat heat stress. From caps, bands and bandanas to vests, shirts, blankets and hats - there's a solution for every application.
    PIP products has recently introduced a new item called the Phase Change cooling vest. This is a two-part system consisting of a shell and an insert. The inserts contains a semi-solid thermal energy technology that is activated by freezing or placing in ice-water. The great thing about this product is that unlike wearing a frozen safety vest, the Phase Change Vest maintains a steady 65 degrees for up to 3 hours, offering consistent cooling in even the most extreme heat environments. It can be worn under or over your garments but is extremely effective for undergarment use in situations where heavy protective clothing is a requirement.
    Prevent Heat Stress
    With the abundance of products and technology available today, there's truly no need for the outdoor worker to suffer in extreme heat situations. HiVisSupply specializes in high visibility safety gear and clothing and carries a huge inventory of all the top name brands. From heat stress prevention to the latest in high visibility rain gear, HiVisSupply is the industry's trusted source for work gear. Visit us today at where you can browse, buy and save on the safety products you need at low, discounted prices.

  • High Visibility Rain Gear: Stay Dry, Stay Safe!

    working in the rainSpring, better known as the rainy season, is quickly approaching us. If you work outdoors than you know what this means - and it's not very fun. The work day consists of flooded and muddy job sites, wet clothing, wet tools, slowed traffic, lowered visibility and a generally aggravating situation. The days seem longer, the work seems more intensive, and most of all you wish it would just end already.
    While you're probably used to working in conditions like this, there's no reason to let the elements get the best of you. Thanks to the wide array of high visibility rain gear from various manufacturers, it's possible endure the wet weather in maximum comfort.
    Hi Vis rain gear covers everything from boots to gloves, jackets to hats and even complete rain suits. They're offered in a variety of colors and styles, many of which are custom tailored to meet the specific needs of certain jobs. From simple, industrial type rain suits to heavy duty waterproof bibs, it's relatively easy to find something that works perfectly for your work environment.
    High visibility rain gear offers numerous benefits over normal safety clothing as it's designed and manufactured to keep you dry without reducing performance or compromising comfort.
    Listed below are just a few of the unique features that makes these products so effective:
    • Made with advanced materials that are waterproof and/or contain waterproof coatings
    • Taped or sealed seams that create a barrier to prevent any influx of water
    • Waterproof zippers, dual zippers or storm flaps
    • Pockets and hoods with vented bottoms/drain holes to prevent water retention
    • Wrist cuffs and/or leg cuffs to help prevent the entry of water near the hands and feet
    • Mesh liners, or zippered mesh vents to allow for air circulation
    There are a handful of options to consider when deciding on the right type of high visibility rain gear and it all depends on your work environment. Clothing that features vents is ideal for working in the rain, but might not be ideal for working with chemical sprays or situations where you're working in standing water. The solution to staying dry and comfortable is there, but it's up to you to choose the proper product. Depending on your location, you may prefer items made from a lighter material that can be used during rainy days in the summer. Alternatively, you might prefer something made from heavier material that can keep you dry throughout the winter months as well. There are plenty of options available, regardless of what you encounter in the workplace.
    Another thing to consider is that safety is equally, or more important, than comfort. For this very reason, many manufacturers also offer ANSI Class rain gear. This allows you to remain dry and comfortable without sacrificing the ANSI compliance that might be required or recommended by an employer or job site. ANSI compliant rain gear utilizes reflective striping and materials to provide maximum visibility to motorists, equipment operators and co-workers. Hi vis rain gear is also available featuring ANSI Class 1, 2, 3, and E compliance.
    Let's face it; your job is important. The ability to stay dry during wet weather is a critical factor that increases productivity, performance, comfort and peace of mind. Instead of waiting until the last minute, take the initiative to be prepared for the rainy season. offers a complete line of high visibility rain gear from the top name brands you've grown to trust. Shop our online store today and step out into the wet weather with confidence. Your job depends on it!

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