CLC Work Gear by Custom LeatherCraft

CLC work gear prides itself on delivering simple, affordable work gear that is as functional and durable as possible. Their philosophy is innovation, yet if something in a design doesn't add value to a product, than it simply won't become a feature. Attention to detail, functionality, materials, usability, durability, and value are all important aspects of each and every product they produce. Shop our selection of CLC work gear today with the confidence that you're getting the finest quality your money can buy.

Custom LeatherCraft Work Gear

With so many brands out there, it's hard to make a decision on the best work gear. Many times the product, materials, design, or all of the aforementioned are sub-par. With CLC work gear you can be assured that there's nothing less than the best materials and designs being utilized for all their products, without anything extra that you don't need. Innovation is key, and CLC is a leader in that arena. At the same time, you shouldn't fix what isn't broken and all CLC products are the result of functionality, durability and value over anything else. From gloves and suspenders to tool pouches and more, Custom LeatherCraft offers products that are time tested and worker approved, without any of the unnecesarry fillers that often clog the market.