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Cool Medics FR Cooling Vest

This FR Cooling Vest by PIP keeps you safe and cool, even under the most extreme conditions.
  • Flame Resistant
  • Banox outer shell
  • Zipper Closure
This Cool Medics vest by PIP isn't only a cooling vest, it's also FR rated, meaning you get the convenience of PIP's advanced cooling technology with the flame resistant properties of an FR safety vest. Soak this vest in water for a quick 15 seconds to enjoy evaporative cooling for up to 8 hours. This vest is re-usable, so you can reactivate it with another 15 second soak in water. Available in size Small - 4XL

This Product Includes the Following SKU Numbers:

PIP-390-M1635FR-SM; PIP-390-M1635FR-MD; PIP-390-M1635FR-LG; PIP-390-M1635FR-XL; PIP-390-M1635FR-2XL; PIP-390-M1635FR-3XL; PIP-390-M1635FR-4XL

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