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ANSI Class 2 Vests

ANSI Class 2 High Visibility Safety Vests

ANSI Class 2 compliant high visibility safety vests are designed for use in work areas where workers perform tasks that divert their attention from approaching traffic, or are in close proximity to passing vehicles traveling at 25 miles per hour of higher. ANSI Class 2 safety vests are available in many styles and colors - Lime, Yellow, or Orange; solid, mesh or solid/mesh combination, zipper or Velcro closure, silver reflective tape or prismatic high performance tape, 4-season expandable, breakaway, and more. Shop our selection today and save with our everyday low pricing.

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ANSI Class 2 Safety Vests

ANSI Class 2 safety vests are designed for workers that are located in areas where the background consists of a lot of colors and depth, and the worker needs to stand out against his or her complex background. Typically, this type of safety vest is worn by those who work in lower-risk jobs such as road construction workers, first responders, and the operators of tollbooths. All ANSI Class 2 safety vests meet or exceed the requirements that have been set forth by The American National Standards Institute.